Why use a commercial bakery for your business

December 1, 2014

Did you know there are many different types of bakeries out there? Everything from boutique cupcake shops and rustic bread bakeries, to bakeries within a grocery store? Did you also know there are commercial or wholesale bakeries ready to provide a range of services for commercial businesses just like yours—or the one you want to start?

Why use a commercial bakery for your business

Commercial or wholesale bakeries

Not every bakery has a storefront open to the public.

  • Commercial or wholesale bakeries provide a range of services for commercial businesses.

Large orders

Often restaurants, grocery stores, delis, hotels, caterers and convenience stores will turn to a commercial bakery for large, consistent shipments of baked goods.

  • A bakery with commercial services will carefully prepare their orders and deliver it to their customers’ doorstep.
  • They provide consistent and reliable products that meet their needs.
  • Since these businesses are ordering a large volume of baked goods on a regular basis, commercial bakeries are able to provide their services at a lower rate than if they were baking in-house.

Why restaurants use commercial bakeries

Restaurants will hire a bakery with commercial services for a number of reasons.

  • Sometimes an executive chef or restaurant owner wants to simplify their menu by outsourcing dessert to a commercial bakery.
  • Often, high-end restaurants will want to give fresh bread to each table, but can’t because their kitchen isn't big enough to bake the volume of bread required for each dinner service. That's when they will hire a bakery with commercial services.

Why delis and corner stores use commercial bakeries

Delis and corner stores will hire a bakery with commercial services so they can sell fresh desserts and bread for deli sandwiches.

  • Some producers of baked goods, including many well-known brands, only sell wholesale to retailers such as supermarkets, grocers, convenience stores, and delis.

Minimizing labour and production costs

No matter the challenge, commercial bakeries help restaurants and stores provide beautiful, tasty bread and desserts.

  • They can also help restaurants and stores anticipate their weekly food orders and delivery, all while minimizing their labour and production costs.

Custom services

Most bakeries with commercial services will have a catalogue of baked goods that their customers can choose from.

  • Sometimes, commercial or wholesale bakeries will also be able to create custom orders for their customers.


  • Besides just baking, commercial bakeries will often offer a lot of other services, like distribution.
  • They will have a fleet of trucks to deliver their baked goods to their customers.
  • Depending on the size of the bakery, their distribution service area can be local, provincial or nation wide.

Warehouse services

Often they will offer warehouse services, including freezer and cooler space, which you can rent to store your food.


Some bakeries with commercial services will also sell baking ingredients wholesale, including cake and donut mix, shortening, bread additives, chocolate, filling, icing, flour and much more.

For your business

Choose a bakery with commercial services for your business if you are looking for a comprehensive range of bakery products, customized solutions, affordable products and a commitment to reliable service.

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