4 Great reasons to consider living in a yurt

January 22, 2016

If you’ve ever fancied a nomadic lifestyle, then living in a yurt might be worth considering. They're comfortable and portable, which makes fleeing invaders easy! Here are a few more (modern) reasons why a yurt is a good option.

4 Great reasons to consider living in a yurt

Yurts are basically round, tent-like structures made from a few pieces of bent wood and a covering created from wool felt. They’ve existed for over 3,000 years and have been home to Scythians, Mongols, Kazakhs, Afghans and other cultures who have enjoyed a nomadic lifestyle. So why might you ever consider living in one?

1. They're light and easy to transport

The biggest advantage of a yurt, of course, is that it's a simple structure that is easily collapsed for transport. As well, the materials are so light that transportation remains simple enough via horseback, long-haired yak, or any other modern transport.

  • Remember, if you’re gathering the materials for your yurt, the timber you need will be found in the forest around you, and your felt covering can be made from the leftover wool from your herd of sheep.
  • Once you are done spinning sweaters and woolen boots, you should have enough left over to weave your yurt’s covering. Talk about green living!

2. They're versatile

If you’re planning raiding parties on neighbouring villages, a yurt is an excellent option! Their easy transport means that they can be used for everything from guard towers to medical tents to simple structures where you can store the weapons or loot that you’ve taken from your enemies.

  • They can also be easily decorated with your clan’s insignia to alert others to your territorial advantage.
  • If raiding and plundering isn't your thing, a yurt is an excellent alternative for a summer cottage in the woods!

3. They're still in use today

There are, of course, more contemporary examples of yurts, like those made from waterproof architectural fabrics and manufactured structural engineering.

  • These can be found at ski resorts, national parks and campgrounds, and can offer the ‘weekend warrior’ a taste of the nomadic lifestyle best represented by the horseback invaders of Genghis Khan.
  • Although raiding parties and the benefits of plunder on ski hills remains unlikely, staying overnight in a yurt is a way to test whether you feel you’re ready to try the life of a nomad, circa. 1220.

4. They're fun and convenient

There are many reasons why you should consider living in a yurt, the main one being convenience.

  • If you’re keen to develop a nomadic lifestyle built on simplicity, a yurt’s portability and comfort has many advantages to offer.
  • If you want something more in-between or just want to sleep in a neat-looking tent at the campground, a yurt’s good for that too!
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