The benefits of hiring a funeral director

July 8, 2014

Not sure what a funeral director does and whether or not you should hire one for your loved one's funeral? Read on to find out the benefits of hiring a funeral director.

What are a funeral director’s tasks?

  • Welcome the bereaved families and inquire as to the funeral arrangements they desire
  • Make arrangements to transport the remains to the funeral home
  • Inform the families of the benefits they are entitled to in accordance with the services they have purchased
  • Fill out legal documents and carry out administrative tasks
  • See to the publication of the death notices in newspapers and the printing of the memorial bookmarks, when required
  • Coordinate each stage of the funeral rites

In small towns, the funeral director may also serve as embalmer, adviser and maintenance employee for the funeral home. The work requires almost unlimited availability, a solid sense of organization and absolute discretion.

How to choose a funeral home

It isn’t unusual to choose a funeral home by tradition; from generation to generation, some families prefer to congregate at the same place when they lose a loved one. If you have no attachment to any particular funeral home, visit a couple that you are interested in and meet with the funeral directors. Ask them your questions and see if you feel at ease.

New trends

In the same way that traditional funerals are essential for some families, others need to express their goodbyes in a more personal fashion. If you foresee the launching of balloons or doves, or the presentation of a video or some special music, you will want to have a funeral director with an open mind. Whatever kind of ceremony you choose, he or she will see to it that it is carried out with respect and dignity.

When someone passes away, there are numerous decisions to be made. Don’t hesitate to let a family member or a friend support you.

The benefits of hiring a funeral director
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