Board and strategy games for family fun

If you’re looking for ways to get the kids to turn off the TV and other screens, board and strategy games offer a world of possibilities.
Making a fool of yourself in front of family and friends by singing a disco-era number may not be your thing, but what about flooring everyone with your vast pool of trivial knowledge? Whatever the strengths and tastes of your family, there is sure to be a board and strategy game out there that they’ll love.

Board games

The premise of these games is for each player to move her pawn through a path that involves obstacles, penalties or rewards. The winner may be the one who crosses the finish line first or the one who accumulates the most points or play money.

Think that sounds easy? Not necessarily. Sometimes simply rolling the dice isn’t enough to move you forward. Although luck may sometimes confuse the issue, your talent and knowledge might also be put to the test. And board games have all kinds of challenges to spare.

  • Try true or false games, puzzles, multiple choice, charades, riddles, or questions with prompts and clues. Do you always have all the answers? Many board games involve having to answer a series of questions grouped by theme or category: sayings, famous quotes, history, culture and science. Are you really as knowledgeable as you think?
  • Do you think you have a special talent in some field? Whatever your skills, there’s always plenty of laughter when it’s time to use them. You may be asked to sing, hum, draw, sculpt, mime or even make faces. That’s enough to set the mood during the most boring evening.

Strategy games

You claim to be the most cunning in your family? Then strategy games are for you.Build an army, build a city, conquer lands, harvest riches. You’ll have to develop some good strategies to achieve your goals, either alone or with a partner.

These days, strategy games don’t necessarily involve making war. In fact, adding floors to a tower without making it fall, moving walls to create a passageway in a maze or anticipating your opponents’ next moves also require that you put your brain in gear and think ahead.

Something for everyone and every taste

If you’re not a strategist and you hate quiz games, there are other types of board and strategy games you may enjoy. Try a memory or observation game, card or dice game, cooperative game, and letter or word game. There’s so much out there, you’re bound to find a game that will entertain you.

Board and strategy games for family fun
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