Why your gym flooring matters

Whether you’re dead-lifting 400 lbs, doing yoga, or using an elliptical, the type of flooring for a gym matters. Read on to find out why.

Why your gym flooring matters

A home gym can be a practical way for you to get fit.

  • You've chosen the location, the colour and the equipment, and now you’re ready to start working out. Wrong.

Deciding on the type of flooring for your home gym is a crucial component of being comfortable and safe during exercise.

Here are some reasons why you should consider new flooring for your home gym.

Reduce the strain and there’s more to gain

Choosing gym flooring that will reduce the strain on your joints will allow you more gym time.

  • More time spent using the gym will give you better results.
  • Whether you’re lifting 5 lbs or 400 lbs, the strain on your muscles and joints will be apparent with inadequate flooring.
  • So, if you’re deciding to keep the existing flooring you have, consider a type of flooring that will absorb the weight and additional activity.

Flooring such as rubber, cork or foam tiles are a good choice. Square footage and the type of exercise machines you’ll be using will be things to consider when choosing these types of flooring.

Falls happen, and they hurt!

An intense workout leads to excess sweat. Any liquid on flooring such as your pre-existing laminate, hardwood or vinyl tiles will lead to a nasty slip and fall.

Having the luxury of your own home gym won’t seem that luxurious when you have fallen and can’t get up and there’s no one around to give you a hand.

  • By choosing slip-proof flooring for your gym, you’re decreasing the potential for an accident.
  • Even carpeting is a better option for a gym floor than a bare tile or wood, though they aren’t ideal since they don’t have the absorption levels of rubber and cork.

Protect your investment

The type of flooring you choose for your home gym will protect your investment, the investment being your home and your health.

  • By choosing an appropriate gym floor, you’re protecting your floor from being damaged by dropped weights, heavy machinery, excessive movements and activity.
  • Trying to explain the dents, scratches and scuff marks to a potential buyer isn't easy.
  • By using removable rubber, cork or foam mats, you’re able to protect your floor and maximize your workout without risk of injury.
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