Window coverings for every room in the home

From light quality to privacy to existing colour schemes, when it comes to window coverings there are different considerations for the kitchen, living room and bedroom. 

Window coverings for every room in the home

Decorating your home's windows depends on several factors including the type of room, your style and the type of fabric.

  • There are many ways to cover a window including drapes, toppers, curtains and shutters.
  • Keep factors like your style choices and the layout of the room in mind.
  • Your task is to determine which trend is best for a specific room.

Kitchen windows

The kitchen windows allow light into a room that often requires extra brightness.

  • Topper curtains that only cover the top half of the window may work best.
  • If you want more privacy, you can install thin, coloured curtains that easily push open or closed.

Look at the colour scheme in the kitchen and match it to the toppers or curtains.

  • If you have splashes of red, you could consider curtains with a red and white gingham pattern.
  • Simply locate a colour in the kitchen and expand on it with the toppers or curtains.

Living room windows

The living area may have tall or wide windows. This is a place where you can make the windows the focal point of the room or a backdrop.


  • Thick drapes that are pulled back with an elegant rod highlight the windows.
  • If you would rather the windows flow as part of the space instead of standing out, consider drapes that match the rest of the decor.

Sheer curtains

Window sheers with light, flowing fabric can also work in a living area.

  • These sheers work especially well for tall, slender windows.
  • The sheers allow mute light through the windows to provide a modicum of privacy while brightening up the room.

Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are more expensive than drapes, but they give character and dimension to tall or slender windows.

  • The shutters only cover the lower part of the windows when closed. This works well for tall windows because only the top section of a room will be visible to the outside.

Bedroom windows

The bedroom is where you want the most privacy, so the window coverings should be thick enough to prevent too much light from filtering in.

  • Consider dense drapes with darker shades for the bedroom. You can also incorporate sheers along with the drapes.
  • The sheers remain closed after you open the drapes for the day, allowing light in while providing the privacy you want for a bedroom area.

And don't forget … to measure!

Make sure you have the proper measurements before starting your search for window coverings.

  • Remember that you can go bold or demure with your choices. Simply pick out what suits your personality.
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