With so many choices of bottle teats, how do you decide?

Choosing a teat can be difficult, because there are so many shapes and sizes out there. When your baby is ready to try bottle feeding, you’ll have to find the bottle and teat that work best for your baby.

Here is some helpful information when faced with a choice of teats:

With so many choices of bottle teats, how do you decide?

If you’re breastfeeding, try choosing a bottle nipple that resembles your own

Some moms like to choose nipples that are most similar to the ones on their breasts. This makes sense, as it’s only logical that this would make the switch from real nipple to fake nipple less of a shock. Some babies transition easily to larger nipples than other babies. Some babies, on the other hand, like short and stocky teats.

Try it for a full day before deciding

Many people find their babies need to practice a full day before adopting a new latch. So, if a teat doesn’t work out at first, don’t give up right away. A lot of experts will urge you to keep trying for a few feeds.

Specific teats fit with certain bottles

Teats often come with bottles, or at the very least, are compatible with certain brands of bottles. So, if you're set on a certain brand of bottle, you're limiting your options for the type of teat to use. You may be interested in the type of bottle that grows with the baby and eventually becomes a sippy cup. If this is something you want from your bottle, your teat selection might be limited.

Also, if you want a glass bottle, a disposable plastic one, or aluminum bottle, your teat selection will be limited. If you want a teat that can go in the dishwasher, which can be sterilized in boiling water, your teat selection will be limited. Also, keep in mind that teats do not last forever.

More useful things to know about teats

Always read labels on the package carefully. You will notice that some nipples only have a three-month lifespan. Also keep in mind that teats range in price dramatically with very little practical difference.

The best way to find out which nipple is best for your baby is to try them out. Remember not to be discouraged if your baby doesn't immediately latch to a new teat. Give your baby time to get used to whatever you’ve chosen and if it really doesn’t work, try something else. If your baby is hungry, he’ll eat from almost any source of milk!

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