Wow your date: ways to impress the object of your affection

October 13, 2015

People date for many reasons: enjoying another's company, getting to know someone, and, maybe, impressing them. Finding a good atmosphere and dating activity is essential for two people to feel comfortable and to reveal their true nature. Here are some great ideas for impressive dates.

Wow your date: ways to impress the object of your affection

Cook and eat

  • A cook-and-eat restaurant makes dinner more interesting because it gives you something to do.
  • You can then enjoy the fruits of your activity. Under the watchful eye of a chef, you both learn how to cook a meal.
  • You'll also relieve any tension by laughing and learning to live with small cooking mistakes.

Gaze at the stars

  • What can be more romantic than gazing at the stars? You don't have to worry about the temperature or whether it's cloudy if you have your night-sky excursion under the dome of a planetarium.
  • If it's a small enough facility, you may might be able to reserve the entire dome for a private showing. Ask if you can bring a picnic for some celestial dining.

Take flight

  • Fret not for flying or heights phobias because you'll both have your feet on the ground for this aerial activity.
  • Head for a toy store or hobby shop so that you and your date can pick out a kite.
  • While you may be attracted to something large and showy, stick with models labelled designed for "easy fliers" or "super fliers," because these are guaranteed to get into the air.
  • Then take your choices to the nearest park, beach, or open field and indulge your inner kids. As a bonus for the end of the date, you'll both have a souvenir of the fun you've had.

Solve a puzzle

  • This idea is best for someone you already have a history with. Turn a picture of the two of you into a puzzle at your local printing centre or through a website.
  • Divide the pieces into several equal stashes that you hide throughout the city. To ensure that the pieces don't disappear, give them to individuals at the different locations.
  • Make a list of clues for your date.
  • He or she then has to lead you on a hunt until you find all the pieces and can put them together.
  • If you decided to leave parts of the puzzle with individuals, your date has to say a code word before the individual hands over the prize.
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