Your guide to celebrity-spotting at Canada's popular hotels

February 3, 2015

Social media is splattered with folks snapping selfies with their favourite celebrities. These fans aren’t necessarily VIP members of some super-secret fan club. In fact, they're often everyday fans that have learned the art of celebrity spotting.

It often doesn't happen by chance, either. Spotting your favourite celebrity takes a little crafty detective work, and a lot of determination. Taking the first step in becoming a savvy celebrity spotter means doing some homework. Get started by piecing together the when and where of celebrity spotting.

Your guide to celebrity-spotting at Canada's popular hotels

Look up film festivals

You’ll need to determine when celebrities are most likely to be in town. Your best bet is to plan your expedition around film festival time. Cities like Toronto and Montreal have become hot-spots for A-list celebrities during film festivals.

If the idea of having to wait it out for a festival isn’t entirely appealing, researching when movies or shows are being shot in your neighbourhood is another option. For those bold enough to attempt sweet-talking their way through security, heading directly to the set of a film shoot could work.

Hit up the hot spots

One of the best places to find a celebrity in Canada is at one of the popular Canadian hotels they stay at while visiting. In most Canadian cities, there are a handful of hotels where celebrities tend to stay. It’s not uncommon to see hordes of fans hanging around the entrances of these hotels waiting to catch a glimpse. Spot one of these crowds and chances are you’ll spot a celebrity.

Each city will also have restaurants and nightclubs notorious for hosting the celebrity crowd. Often, the lounge of the hotel where they are staying can be rife with celebrities, too. A quick online search will also reveal where celebrities have been patrons in the past. Head to one of these spots during a festival and you could be dining next to a celebrity.

Surf their social media

For real-time updates on celebrity-spotting, nothing beats social media and mobile apps. There are many apps solely dedicated to providing real-time celebrity spotting updates. If you’re well-versed in social media, Twitter and Instagram can be goldmines for uncovering recent sightings. Simply enter a celebrity’s name or a well-known hashtag like #celebspotting and you’re likely to find some action.

Whichever approach you take, remember that persistence and determination is key. Celebrities have become masters of elusiveness. Unless you’re incredibly lucky, trying a few different approaches and waiting it out for long stretches is part of the game. If you’re lucky enough to meet a celebrity, always remember to respect their space. Always politely ask if it’s okay to take a photo or get an autograph first.

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