Your guide to enjoying the great outdoors

July 29, 2015

Camping is an excellent way to escape the hustle of the city, but it's important to be prepared. Following these tips could make your camping experience even better.

Your guide to enjoying the great outdoors

Research your destination

  • There's plenty of inspiring landscapes and wild shores to explore,  many only a short drive from large cities.
  • National parks and reserves range from small rec­reation areas to vast and rugged parks equal in size to a small country.
  • Camping permits may be required in popular parks. Check with the park rangers' office or other relevant authority about where and when you can stay.
  • Rangers can also advise on fire bans, availability of drinking water and road and weather conditions.
  • Ask government agencies, local tourist information centres or camping gear shops about regulations which may affect the area you plan to visit.

Check the weather report

  • Believe it or not, there are places in Canada that make great camping spots all year long.
  • Spring, summer, and autumn are usually the most pleasant seasons for camping, but keep in mind that cold weather can set in at any time of the year.
  • Check newspapers or radio or television news broadcasts for long-term, two or three day weather forecasts.
  • If you're prepared with the right clothing and equipment, there's no need to wait for 'perfect' conditions.
  • Changes in the weather often show even the most familiar landscape in a new light. A brief squall or a rising mist, for example, can give a new perspective to a seemingly ordinary prospect.
  • There's no need to wait for the 'perfect' season either. To escape holiday crowds, try visiting popular destinations outside peak periods

Take what you need, leave the rest

  • The knack when gearing up for a camping trip is to know what to leave at home. Part of the joy is experiencing nature without the domestic clutter of our everyday lives.
  • Roughing it shouldn't mean forsaking the simple, often imaginative or ingenious comforts that take the edge off the 'roughness.'

The great outdoors may offer generous food for the soul but it can be unforgiving for the ill-prepared camper. Careful planning and good camping techniques will increase the benefits of an invigorating sojourn beyond the confines of the city.

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