Your sweater shrunk? Should’ve trusted a dry cleaner!

Are you fed up with clothes that shrink or lose their colour? Sending them to a dry cleaner’s will help you keep them looking like new.

Does taking your best clothes to the dry cleaners seem like a luxury these days? When you look at the dollars and sense, though, it really is a good way to go. Dry cleaning is a recognized method of cleaning or washing fabrics that makes them last longer and look better. Taking better care of clothes is a sure way to avoid having to spend money on replacing items that shrunk, got tattered, or lost their colour in the washer or dryer.

An efficient process

The process of dry cleaning differs from traditional washing, as it uses a solvent rather than water. In these greener times, dry cleaning uses smaller quantities of solvent, which is better for the environment. The appliances used in dry cleaning vary from one place to another. Some closely resemble a traditional tumbling washing machine, but the hydrocarbon used in the cleaning process is recuperated and reused. Some dry cleaners rely on new, more energy efficient equipment that uses non-toxic products.

Which articles can be taken to the dry cleaner?

Almost any kind of item can be dry cleaned.

  • clothing that is identified as having to be dry cleaned (silk, linen, leather, suede)
  • comforters, cushions, rugs, and drapes
  • sleeping bags
  • coats or other bulky, warm clothing
  • fabrics that have been damaged by water, humidity, or smoke

Outstanding service

By entrusting your items to a dry cleaner, you’ll be sure to receive outstanding service. Your dry cleaning professional has the knowledge to treat your fabrics with the proper care. Colours will retain their original vibrancy for much longer, and with the application of a finish, dry cleaning could even restore your clothes to their original look. The fabric will feel like new to the touch!

Clothing pressed and ready to wear

When you pick up your clothes at the dry cleaner’s, they are expertly pressed and ready to wear. The pressing at a dry cleaner’s accentuates the cut of men’s shirts and women’s blouses, trousers, suits, and the like. And most dry cleaners have seamstresses or tailors on site who can do repair work on clothing that needs a bit of tender loving care. A button to be reinforced, a snag to be repaired on a sweater, a hem to be re-stitched: all are jobs that their nimble fingers can quickly finish.

A multitude of services under the same roof

Many dry cleaners offer additional services, including specialized cleaning. This can be useful for cleaning up after renovation or construction work, cleaning walls, furniture, carpets, steam cleaning, high pressure cleaning, or cleaning smoke or water damage. Some dry cleaners offer a clothes dyeing service as well, so that clients can give a whole new lifetime to certain faded articles of clothing.

Your sweater shrunk? Should’ve trusted a dry cleaner!
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