We have a history of over 30 years of commitment to the utmost quality products and we're recognized in the market for our continuous maintained level of it. The Bareeze range includes crisp cottons, luxurious silks, sheer organza, chic chiffons and many more. Textile embroidery is an art that we've mastered whilst keeping the local tradition alive in each of our designs. Hand embroidery has been the epitome of quality and fashion of the sub-continent region in the history books. Bareeze is proud to be the perfectionist in carrying on the sub-continent tradition of hand embroidery into their exclusive Bareeze fashion fabrics.We take pride and prestige in our Bareeze fabrics as each piece is designed with keeping the latest trends and fashion in mind, giving it exquisite detail and finishing the product with the utmost detail so that each design is a masterpiece more...
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