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NAMI Japanese Restaurant
55 Adelaide St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1K6
Nami Japanese Restaurant is located in the downtown core, is considered one of Toronto's finest authentic Japanese restaurants and has been well for over 30 years. Nami is traditional Japanese cuisine served in a simple, modern setting. Walking through the front door is like taking a trip to Kyoto. Kimono-clad servers wait on patrons in the main dining area, private booths as well as the private Tatami room with rice-paper screened doors. The Robata Bar serves made-to-order grilled meat, vegetables and fresh seafood. Alternatively, you can sit at the Sushi Bar for a traditional yet all unique dining experience. Your visit to Nami will likely leave you saying "Gochisosama Deshita!" or thank you for the meal after you are done!
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