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The Kathi Roll Express
692 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y 2A6
Open until 10:00 pm
Inspired by, hawkers, vendors, food trucks and the street stalls of the world, The Kathi Roll Express is the home of real-good, worldly street food. In the heart of Toronto at 692 Yonge St., this conceptualized street-food place incorporates live-cooking, full bar, good company, good music and a stimulating space to tingle all your senses. Kathi Rolls are one of the oldest street foods that originated during the British era. Savoury barbecued meats or veggies were rolled into a whole - wheat paratha - a griddled Indian flat bread - then layered with an egg. The masterpiece was rolled on parchment paper, twisted at the end, this allowed the British officers to avoid their hands getting messy, typical with Indian foods. Other than popular Kathi Rolls, we serve hot and delicious bbq'd meat & veggie sizzler platters that can be enjoyed with cocktails,brews & wine or enjoy the amazing Mumbai style girdled rice platters with variety of meats & veggies along with a mango lassi or Delhi style
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