Kingsbridge Medical Centre Dr Richard Chen

20 Kingsbridge Garden Cir, Mississauga, ON L5R 3K7

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The secretaries a...

The secretaries are rude and lazy. Also, Dr. Anvari's medical license should be revoked !! She's awful.

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It's unfortunate ...

It's unfortunate that I find another prime example of why the Canadian health care is horrible. I'm a very busy student that has no car therefore walking and taking the bus is my only way of transportation. I come to this centre to take my weekly allergy shots and today I was running late and came in 10 minutes before closing. Instead of apologizing for not being able to aid me with my shot today, they decide it's more logical to blame me for coming late and told me to come another time. There was a nurse right beside the secretary and it does not take long to take this shot, therefore this procedure is very possible. I guess going home on time is more important than doing your job.

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