Its service offerings include Clinical Trial Research (Phase I/IIa), Bioequivalence Studies, Pharmacokinetic Analysis, Regulatory Affairs, Data Management, Quality Assurance, Project Management, and Statistical Services. The company was founded in 2006, and it has grown to serve over 30 pharmaceutical and medical device companies globally. More...
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This company is so incredibly disorganized. I have been there for studies on two occasions. One time they kept me overnight as a stand-by. In the morning they took the 'pre-dose' blood sample and were about to dose me and decided they didn't need me afterall. They refused to compensate for the mistaken blood draw. They even lied to me to get me to exit and away from the sponsors who were on-site. The other time I was there, they took so long to check us in and 5 of us were told they had no snacks left and then when they got more we only had 7 min to eat. I asked 3 different people where my bed was (the first wo disappeared and didn't even come back to give me an answer) and finally the third one asked me "oh, don't you have a bed?" (Why would I have asked if I did?) They put me in a wardroom downstairs in a bed that had no sheets on it. When I asked about getting a sheet, they gave me a mattress cover and insisted it was a sheet. 5 min later someone came to say that the ladies were complaining that I was 'in there area'. They moved my bed 4 feet to the right (directly beside where it had been). Then they woke me at 4:30 for blood pressure because they had forgotten to do it earlier and sent me home because it was high by 2 or 3 points. As I said, not well organized.

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