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Human Rights Violation

I am really upset right now. I just saw one of those things that makes you sick to be part of the human race. I was at this McDonalds waiting in line to get some food. An aboriginal man in a wheel chair comes into the store. His clothes were dirty and disheveled so most would assume he was homeless. He went to order some food and even put his $20 bill on the counter and the whole time was being kind and courteous to the staff. The manager came up to him and told him to get out and that people like him were not welcome in the store. I was shocked and told the manager that I was disgusted. He was a human being and a paying customer and I felt he deserved at least some respect. She ignored me and would not even talk to me. Another manager overheard and came to talk to me. I told him that I felt they were denying service to someone because they were aboriginal and homeless. I notified him it is illegal based to deny service based on ethnicity under the Canadian Charter. At this point multiple upset customers start to back me up. The second manager tells them to shut up because he was speaking to me first. I told him I could not believe how disrespectful he was being and asked for my money back because I would never go to that store again. All I could do was go to the man in the wheelchair and say how sorry I was. I said, "God bless you and you deserve more respect than what you were shown tonight."

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