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14380 Triangle Rd, Richmond, BC V6W 1B1
With enclosed interlocking trampolines spread over an area of 42,000 sq. ft., Extreme Air Park Richmond takes pride in being one of Canada's largest trampoline parks. We offer a diverse range of activities such as 3-D dodgeball, zero-gravity basketball, vertical volleyball and more.

Fitness Happens at Extreme Air Park Richmond! Whether you choose to discover a new you while learning new flips and tricks at our Foam Zone, or you decide to practise jumping off the walls in our Air Zone, be prepared to have a whole lot of fun at our facility. Contact us to book your jump time, or see our website to find out about prices. more...
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Some days it feels like the kids are bouncing off the walls. Well, they can do just that – literally – at Extreme Air Park in Richmond. Canada’s largest trampoline park has a whopping 42,000-square-feet of wall-to-wall interlocking trampolines. A great way to keep kids moving when it’s too wet and cold to go outside.

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The word spreads far and wide when there’s a trampoline in a friend’s backyard. Now imagine 42,000 square feet of enclosed, interlocking trampolines and the fun really begins! Round up eight buddies to enjoy Extreme Air Park’s birthday package that includes jump time, jumping socks, a t-shirt for the guest of honour, a private party room, pizza, drinks and ice cream cake – it all adds up to a bouncing good time.

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Picture this: a 42,000-square-foot room with walls and floors made entirely from lime-green trimmed trampolines. Despite its rather “extreme” name, Canada’s largest trampoline gym provides a safe and comfortable bouncing experience that’s catered to all fitness levels. Admission grants you access to such gravity-defying activities as basketball, vertical volleyball, and a half pipe for practicing new moves, while cushy foam pit provides the perfect spot for cozying up with your date during a well-deserved break.