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Businesses in Sarnia ON area


Lefebvre Stephane Dr

Lefebvre Dentistry Pro Corp
543 Exmouth St, Sarnia, ON N7T 5P6
Dental Care for the Whole Family: Root Canals. Dental...  

Mathany Drew Dr & Associates

202-929 Michigan Ave, Sarnia, ON N7S 2A9
Dr. Drew Mathany & Associates - offering Family and...  

Bright's Grove Dental

2600 Lakeshore Rd, Bright's Grove, ON N0N 1C0
Family Dentistry - New Patients Welcome - Evening...  

Roman John Dr

217 Wellington St, Sarnia, ON N7T 1G9

Great Lakes Dental

Thomm Jennifer Dr
1323 Exmouth St, Sarnia, ON N7S 3Y1

Daye Kevin Dr

790 Exmouth St, Sarnia, ON N7T 5P9

Dr. Erin Manicom

217 Wellington St, Sarnia, ON N7T 1G9

Cornelious Mark Dr

183 Brock St N, Sarnia, ON N7T 5Z4

MacNeill D C Dr

1475 Exmouth St, Sarnia, ON N7S 3Y1

Daye K Dr

790 Exmouth St, Sarnia, ON N7T 5P9

Dr H Gretzinger

1323 Exmouth St, Sarnia, ON N7S 3Y1

Fargher J J Dr & Associates

500 Christina St N, Sarnia, ON N7T 5W4

Davis Karen Dr

1350 L'Heritage Dr, Sarnia, ON N7S 6H8
Visit our Sarnia dental office and experience all that...  

Lubus Nazem Dr

1475 Exmouth St, Sarnia, ON N7S 3Y1

MacKinlay F S Dr

914 Murphy Rd, Sarnia, ON N7S 5C4

Ferrera S Dr

561 Murphy Rd, Sarnia, ON N7S 5B6

Lambton Orthodontic Centre

Dr Anthony Tang Orthodontist
2-251 Exmouth St, Sarnia, ON N7T 5M7

Sproviero Frank Dr

Dr A Eltanty

Dr R Kupinski

Rapaich David Dr

Moscone Mario L Dr

Clark K D Dr

Lefebvre Dentistry Pro Corp

Lefebvre Stephane Dr

Blue Water Denture Clinic

Dr John McFadyen

Dr Kevin Bacchus

Dr Michael Rondinelli

Paiement Marcel Dr

Milne P Dr Orthodontist

Dr JP Davis

Bourassa Jessica Dr

Bourassa Jessica Dr

Dr Gabriel Iorgovan

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Also serving Sarnia ON

Dr M Hoben

Petrolia Dentistry
425 Wingfield, Petrolia, ON N0N 1R0

Kupeyan Herman K Dr

1100 Ouellette Ave, Windsor, ON N9A 1C9

Harper C Dr

383 Lyndoch, Corunna, ON N0N 1G0

Adachi David K Dr

Bacchus Kevin Dr

Bourassa Jessica Dr

Dr. Lennie Slipacoff

Dentist in Sarnia ON

Thoughts of going to a dental clinic usually evoke frightening dentistry images involving weird dental instruments that make drilling sounds. Is it any wonder why most of us keep putting off our annual dental check-up? By the time you need to schedule a last minute appointment with one of the 20,000 practicing dentists in Canada, making the right choice seems as overwhelming as a nagging toothache.  … 

Tips to finding Sarnia ON dentists

  • Get to know your dentist: The best way to find a new dentist in Sarnia ON is to get to know them personally before you require dental care – we are talking about someone who spends a lot of time poking around your mouth with metal instruments, after all. Look for dentists that make you feel comfortable. Important questions to ask when considering dentists are; dental office hours, after hours availability, what your dental plan covers and if emergency dental services are available on a moment’s notice.
  • Online reviews and credentials: Compare reviews from online forums where people discuss dental practice. Once you’ve settled on a list of potential dentists or dental clinics that are right for you, compare their medical credentials with the information available at the Canadian Dental Association.
  • What kind of specialist do you need? Make a list of the dental services you require to narrow your search. Are you looking for dental clinics that specialise in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry or dental surgery? In other words, are you looking for a whiter smile, a simple cavity filling or a root canal treatment?
  • Saving on dental costs: Most dental clinics and dentists in Canada can charge whatever they want for their dental services. The best way around that is to ask your potential dentists to give you a quote so you can compare. You’ll find lower prices for dental care in rural or suburban areas compared to dental offices located in a busy downtown financial district, where most people have time constraints and are looking for convenience rather than a good deal on their next teeth cleaning. 
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