At the Table 2015 with Bill Pullman

By Stephanie Dickison Internationally-renowned actor Bill Pullman is known for his many films and roles. No doubt he is forever locked into your memory as the President in 1996’s "Independence Day" (Luckily, he reprises his role in "Independence Day: Resurgence," out next year). Currently filming the comedy "Brother in Laws," and drama "LBJ" (where he plays Ralph Yarborough, the only Senator from the Deep South to vote for the Civil Rights Act of 1964), Bill Pullman came to Wolfville Nova Scotia a few weeks ago to kick off Devour! The Food Film Fest, the largest food film festival in the world. Pullman was part of the epic Opening Gala Evening, where he curated his favourite food film of all-time, "Babette’s Feast."  His film "The Fruit Hunters" - a captivating documentary about people's obsession (including his own) with growing and finding the very best fruit - opened the festival two years ago to roaring applause. An avid food lover and fruit grower, Bill Pullman took time out of his busy schedule to share his favourite foods, drinks and cookbooks. His answers are thoughtful, smart and completely original. Just like the man himself. --- Name: Bill Pullman Occupation: Actor Place of Residence: Los Angeles What’s the last thing you ate? A homemade slushy with frozen grapefruit and frozen blueberries. If you were left to your own devices to make something at home, what would it likely be? I am about to make applesauce with fruit from my trees - Mutsu, Beverly Hills apples, two varieties of Asian Pear. What will you ask a server to remove from your dish, or make sure it doesn’t have? Hair. When staying at a hotel, what are you raiding from the mini fridge? Routine drill – Have it emptied upon arrival. Johnny Walker mini’s beckon too much. Guilty pleasure? Norwegian Lefse with butter and brown sugar. Drink of choice? Gin and tonic. If time, homemade frozen lime slush with tequila. Favourite meal of the day? Why? Breakfast. Bacon with eggs is fave. Favourite cookbooks to use? Uncommon Fruits and Vegetables: A Common Sense Guide (An encyclopedic cookbook of America’s new produce) by Elizabeth Schneide Favourite cookbooks just to look at? Butte’s Heritage Cookbook  Ed: Jean McGrath (from Butte, Montana);  Au Pied De Cochon by Martin Picard; Ripe: A Cook in the Orchard by Nigel Slater Three items that are always in your fridge? Eggs, butter, fruit juice of many varieties. Top three Toronto restaurants? I have memories of drop-dead-good Chinese dumplings, Italian in a long-establish setting, and Japanese in a second-floor venue. Go-to dish ordered at a restaurant? French Onion Soup. Would you rather – Go to farmer’s market/nearest pub/food truck? Farmer’s Market – for the connection to the growers. Describe your kitchen. 1954 O'Keefe and Meritt Stove, painted green cabinets, yellow walls, sconces, counters of old douglas fir. Describe your cooking style. Multiple fronts, fast and happiest when there are more than five to feed. Ideal food day. From the time you wake up until bed, what are you having? No matter what the food, it always tastes better with good company.

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