Daniel is a professional writer, editor, and lifelong Haligonian. When not working on his latest project, he enjoys discovering Halifax’s wide selection of craft beers, collecting entirely too many comic books, and dodging downtown parking tickets on a semi-professional basis. Dan also spends his time enjoying the local trails and seeing all of what Halifax has to offer.
There is something to be said for wandering into a noodle place in the middle of an Ottawa winter and slurping up an excellent steaming bowl of noodle soup. Don't get us wrong, though, we'll take that bowl in summer too! Whether you want some simple ramen or some tasty pho, this city has a large selection of options to choose from. [Image credit: iStock.com/Lisovskaya]
Hunger doesn't always strike at the most opportune times – let alone during regular restaurant hours. Luckily Ottawa offers several restaurants open nearly all hours of the day. Catering to every food imaginable, from eggs Benedict to falafel sandwiches to poutine, these eateries will guarantee you get what you want, no matter the time of day.
What's better than watching the game? Enjoying beer and food with the game, of course. Ottawa boasts some great sports bars to watch your team battle it out on a big screen. With a variety of beers at your disposal, you will be prepared to drink to the success of your team or to soothe your sorrows (perfect for Leafs fans).
Whether you're heading out to watch the game or getting the gang together for to catch up, finger food is required, and it doesn’t get much better than chicken wings. Ottawa offers lots of delicious options no matter what you're going for, so it's time to plan out your sauce combinations and dig in.
Ready to sink your teeth into a hearty sandwich? Forget the insipid bread with ham and processed cheese that you'll find in the convenience store and try on these tasty gourmet options instead. From vegan delights to meaty sandwiches fit for a king, there's something for everyone on this list.
While bagels can be found just about anywhere these days, finding a truly unique and delicious doughy ring of joy is much more of a challenge. Luckily, Halifax enjoys many bagel spots that offer anything from a classic Christmas raisin ring (bagel purist speak for "cinnamon raisin") to a plain dressed with salmon and cream cheese.
While some of you may only partake in heavenly cake goodness on your birthday, others consider cakes to be one of the major food groups, somewhere between gummy bears and brownies. Fortunately for sugar fiends, you no longer need to commit to a long-term relationship with just one large cake, but instead, can enjoy a single slice on demand.
While fast food has largely replaced the classic greasy spoon breakfast, you can still discover why they were so popular and why they continue to hang on today. Put down that sad-looking whole wheat bagel with low-fat cream cheese and get a classic breakfast that will cure any hangover and leave you full until sunset.
No matter the temperature, everyone needs to stay caffeinated. There is no better way to do that in the summer, or anytime you're simply trying to cool off, than an iced coffee. Here are a few local places where you can find the best iced coffee Halifax has to offer.
As is Canadian tradition, you can sometimes be caught with an insatiable craving for poutine at one in the morning. Lucky for you, but unlucky for your cholesterol levels, Halifax offers that and much more at hours that are, frankly, unreasonable to expect fries with melted cheese curds and gravy.
There are few meals as satisfying as a perfectly cooked sirloin and an excellent glass of wine, and a steak dinner is even more enjoyable when it's served in elegant surroundings. Vancouver is home to many steakhouses, representing a range of styles and price points. Here are a few local favourites that’ll help satisfy your meaty cravings. [Photo credit: iStock.com/4kodiak]
Who doesn't like spicy meat prepared on a rotating spit? Shawarma has quickly become a staple in Vancouver for those looking for a fast and delicious meal with some international flair. Related to gyros and donairs, they're not exactly known as a healthy food item, but you would be hard-pressed to find something quite as delicious.
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