Fred Decker is a Halifax native, with roots here over a century deep. He's a trained chef, freelance writer and formerly a local-food columnist for the Saint John, NB Telegraph-Journal. Like many writers he's a lifelong bookworm with never quite enough shelving to fit them all. His favorite things include street food, funky second-hand shops and any place reading material is sold.
Charcuterie is all about savouring cured meats. Charcuterie boards have popped up on menus all over town since Ratinaud French Cuisine opened with a mixture of house-made meats to accompany its beverage list. Here are some of the best of these delectable meat samplers.
It’s a great time to be a food lover in Nova Scotia. The city’s talented chefs have taken dining here to a whole new level, seeking out local ingredients and using them in innovative ways. Local wine is also enjoying an upswing in popularity, with ever more wineries and surprisingly sophisticated wines. Enjoy Nova Scotia wines at the following restaurants.
Nothing says Halifax like a late-night donair or falafel sandwich enjoyed with friends at about 2 am on a downtown street corner. That might come as a surprise to outsiders who don’t realize how much the city’s culinary scene owes to Middle Eastern food. And Haligonians might also be surprised at the range and variety of Middle Eastern food available around town.
Like any city with a bustling food scene, Metro Halifax sees a lot of restaurants come and go in the course of a year. It's always sad to say goodbye to old favourites, but each year brings its own upside in the form of fresh, new dining establishments. Here are a few of 2015's notable arrivals.
Greek food is a beautiful example of the vegetable-forward Mediterranean diet, which is full of bold flavours and healthy ingredients. You'll find Greek restaurants all over the Metro area, ranging from quick and simple takeouts to elegant sit-down venues. Here are a few worthy places to satisfy your big fat Greek craving.
Atlantic Canada is one of the world's great oyster-producing regions, but sadly, oyster bars are not (yet) a major part of the Halifax culinary scene. A handful of establishments are doing their best to establish that tradition here, from bars to oyster-friendly licensed restaurants. Here are some notable bars to get your fill of these briney treats.
The Celtic spirit is potent here in Halifax, especially in its distilled form. Few beverages can ease that raw waterfront chill from your bones quite as effectively or as pleasantly as a "wee dram" of whisky. Here are a few noteworthy places to further your acquaintance with this masterpiece of the distiller's art.
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