When it’s time for comfort food that everyone loves, you can always count on The Chef to pick family- and group-friendly locales and menus.
The best kid-friendly restaurants are laidback and inviting with a good selection of food at reasonable prices. Celebrate your birthday boy or girl’s special day at one of these Victoria venues where you’ll be treated to a great party, complete with decorations, activities and food everyone can enjoy.
Kid-friendly cafes are hidden gems in Victoria, treasured by both parents and kids alike. When your little ones are bored, hungry and fussy and you’re not sure what to do, try taking them to one of these cool cafes you can both enjoy.
Pizza is the perfect delivery meal. It travels well, can come in a limitless combination of styles and toppings and is perfectly designed for sharing. The next time you’re craving pizza without having to leave the comfort of your own home, have one of these pizza joints bring the party to you.
Chinese food is the original delivery food. Many of us grew up eating delicious Chinese favourites, such as fried rice, chicken balls, or beef and broccoli, from paper take-out containers. This much-loved cuisine – whether Cantonese, Szechuan or Western-style Chinese – can be delivered fresh to your door any day of the week. Here’s who to call when the craving strikes.
While there is no shortage of eating establishments in Quebec City, finding a family-friendly spot with great food can pose a bit of a challenge. Whether you're a visitor, new to the city or playing tourist in your home town, try any or all of these places that the whole family can enjoy.
Rome is famous for pizza and pasta while Paris boasts of its crepes but in Victoria we're all about the fish and chips. With a bounty of fresh fish at our doorstep why would we settle for anything less than the freshest, tastiest fillets accompanied by the crispiest, yummiest chips? The next time you're craving this comfort food favourite cast your line into one of these local fish and chip specialists.
Watching television shows about food is a great way to work up an appetite. Luckily for Vancouverites, many of the tempting diners, cafés and restaurants celebrated on the small screen are close to home. So stop drooling on the remote and head out to one of these as-seen-on-TV eateries for a meal to remember.
With a large multicultural population, Vancouver is one of the best places in Canada to find a variety of scrumptious soups. You can find high quality versions of almost any kind, from expertly crafted pho and ramen bowls to nostalgic childhood faves like creamy tomato and chicken noodle. There’s a whole wide world of soup in the city, here are some of the best places to start your journey.
Though not as fancy or complicated as some of their beefy brethren, meatballs are a classic meal choice or a snack worth savouring. When you're craving a satisfying globe of meaty goodness, check out the meatballs on the menus at these Vancouver restaurants.
You can’t swing a red-checkered tablecloth in uptown Toronto without hitting a fresh, hot pizza being delivered to someone’s front door. Upscale creations with gourmet ingredients and endless options for any diet or taste are a phone call or click away. These are your go-to spots for a cheesy wheel of joy in a part of town that adores its pies. [Image credit: iStock.com/Sasa Dinic]
You don’t have to live in Chinatown to get delicious Chinese food delivered to your door. We’ve rounded up the best Chinese food delivery spots in the west end – whether you’re looking for North American-style or a more authentic version. Take a break from the stove today and enjoy this favourite comfort food, delivered right to your home. [Image credit: iStock.com/ e_rasmus]
If you can’t make the trip to Toronto’s neon-bathed Chinatown, bring the best of the Dundas/Spadina food mecca right to your doorstep. Similar dining delicacies are available in uptown and midtown Toronto and will deliver your Chinese food feast within minutes of your call or text.
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