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Yellow Pages presents extensive contact information for in and around the Wabamun, Alberta region. With the most extensive listings of categories found in Canada, Yellow Pages is your Find Engine. If you live in or near Wabamun, discover new independently reviewed businesses local to you, with .

Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be an unpleasant task. Many markets are independently owned, family-run businesses, whose owners really care about ensuring the very best ingredients are available for Edmontonians. Next time you shop, you can feel good about buying organic and supporting local farmers and producers. I also mention some ethnic grocery stores for when you want to spice up your meal plan!
Edmonton is home to some great bakeries that produce delicious, fresh loaves that have renewed my love of breakfast. What’s better than a slice of toast with jam, honey or peanut butter? I’ll let you in on my favourite spreads in the city.
Selecting a gift for someone can be a real challenge. Usually, as the gift-giver, either you have an obvious gift in mind, or no clue whatsoever. Buying for a teacher (or coach, instructor, bus driver, et cetera) can be particularly puzzling because, while you do know them, maybe you don’t know them well enough to know what they’d like or use in their daily lives. These shops have perfect gifts for those special teachers.

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