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If you live in Toronto's east end, you don’t need a fortune cookie to tell you that you’re in for some top regional Chinese cuisine. With wallet-friendly prices and enough styles of chop suey and chow mein to last a lifetime, these tried-and-true Chinese restaurants deliver value as well as dinner.
With all its ooey-gooey goodness and limitless toppings, pizza is practically the perfect meal. And with these 10 places delivering right to your doorstep, you can indulge any time of the day or week. All you have to do is pick up the phone or visit their website and a steaming fix of your favourite comfort food will be headed your way.
If there’s one thing to love about the long winter months, it’s skating. With so many outdoor and indoor rinks open in the city, there’s no need to hibernate after daylight saving time. After a bracing skate under a crisp blue sky or late night game of pick-up shinny, you may find that winter’s not so bad after all.

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