Great brunch joints in the Beaches

Grapefruit hollandaise? All-day breakfast in at least three different restaurants? A comic book-themed breakfast joint? You'll find it all and more in The Beaches. Your weekend hangover is not enough to justify sleeping in anymore. Start your day right – and cure your head – with breakfast at one of these fine restaurants in The Beaches.

Beacher Cafe

2162 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E 1E4

You can find breakfast at Beacher Cafe all day, every day. Make your choice from a list of irresistible dishes, like Eggs Benjamyn (poached eggs on top of smoked salmon), Eggs Florentine (poached eggs on spinach), and Belgian waffles. You can also find smoked salmon scrambled eggs, quiche, fruit parfait and whatever else you want for breakfast – Beacher has it all. They do not serve a full menu during breakfast and brunch hours, so ask your server for details.

Sunset Grill

2006 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1J3

Another all-day breakfast destination – one that has been serving satisfying breakfasts since the 1980s, Sunset Grill has perfected their menu over the years, adding a few fanciful touches, such as the juice that's flown in fresh from Florida daily. Any menu items that don’t sell are axed and nothing is deep-fried. This restaurant delivers great value and quality to Beach locals – and the proof is on the plate!

Garden Gate Restrnt

2379 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E 1H5

The oldest all-day breakfast place in the Beach, Garden Gate sells “Goo Foo” – or so the legend suggests – and has become known as The Goof. But there is nothing goofy about their spectacular breakfast menu, with four types of breakfast pig (ham, sausage, bacon, pea meal bacon) and all the staples, such as pancakes, French toast and eggs Benedict. Be sure to try the skewered mushrooms.

Whitlock's Restaurant

1961 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1H7

Have you ever had grapefruit hollandaise? No? What are you waiting for? Get to Whitlock’s before 4 p. m. for breakfast (every day except Sunday) and see why this restaurant has been thriving since 1991. Their famous breakfast buffet is offered every Sunday starting at 9 a.m. Check out the omelette bar and the roast beef carving station, then load up on Belgian waffles. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a lazy weekend.

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