Montreal's must-try pancake restaurants

Montreal is well known for their delicious crêpes, which are like flat pancakes. However, sometimes all we want are those classic, fluffy and buttery American-style pancakes. Here are a few pancakes you must try in Montreal.

Beauty's Luncheonette

93 Av Du Mont-Royal O, Montréal, QC H2T 2S5

Beauty’s is one of Montreal’s iconic brunch spots. Open since 1942, they have their classics down pat. It should come as no surprise that they have mastered the art of the classic pancake. The buttery taste pairs perfectly with the maple syrup and either ham, bacon or sausage. Beauty’s also offers blueberry, banana, chocolate chip or apple cinnamon pancakes that are equally scrumptious.

Maison Publique

4720, rue Marquette, Montréal, QC H2J 3Y6

Maison Publique, known for their British Pub fare, also serves weekend brunch to starving Montrealers. Their pancake dish includes three stacked cakes of fluffy goodness with bacon. The pancakes are moist and melt in your mouth, and go nicely with the saltiness of the bacon. The menu changes often, but they will usually have a rendition of the delicious classic.

Weekend brunch has become a staple meal throughout the city – a very Montreal tradition, in fact. Folks gather for eggs, bacon, pancakes and crêpes, and many more brunch delicacies at many restaurants around the city. If you’re ready to hop on the brunch bandwagon, here are 20 of places we’d bet the house on.
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