Single slices for single pizza lovers in Edmonton

You could go on a date this weekend. Or, you could always reconnect with your bad self and your bad habits – cheese, dough and all the fixings. Pizza is constant love, and even though it’s perfect for sharing, sometimes its best served as a single, perfect triangle for one. Here’s a list of hidden gems and joints in the city that dish out pizza by the slice (or two!). [Image credit: and Burwell Photography]

Columbus Pizza & Donair Inc

8230 175 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 1V1

Not too thick, not too thin and, from what I can tell, a mix of white and cheddar cheese – everything about Columbus’ pizza is balanced. It even rivals some of the by-the-slice pizzas I’ve had in Vancouver, a hotbed for pizza joints. Vegetable toppings are finely chopped, generously and evenly sprinkled across a perpetually fresh-tasting crust, and the flavors are always varied and interesting – this isn’t the place to go and grab an old school pepperoni, though they do offer options like this, as well. Come by for something different, something generous in size and flavour; you won’t regret it.

Checkers Pizza

10658 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2A7

A great place to find a classic, single slice pizza. Checkers is a no-frills kind of location where the focus is all on the food. Featuring a thinner crust than Colombus, Checkers provides a slice most similar to the kind you’d expect to find in NYC. Come by, check out the extensive menu, and leave with a big slice of pizza that’ll make you feel like you’re in the Big Apple.

Steel Wheels

10307 85 Ave Nw, Edmonton, AB T6E 6N7

Four dollars for two slices of pizza is a steal of a deal for a lunch or late-night haunt. Kick back and enjoy a slice of Bulgogi, vegetarian, Hawaiian, pepperoni, cheese or chicken-pine pizza in this little urban dug-out, next to the floor-to-ceiling graffiti that covers the whole wood-paneled space. Slices here remind me of the pizza pops and frozen mini pizza pies from my childhood: Gooey without being sloppy, evenly placed toppings without being fancy, and – most notably – the crust, reminiscent of focaccia. Open until 3 a.m. and serving alcohol until 2 a.m., you can’t go wrong.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

8114 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 4E5

The one time it’s okay to be a square: When you’re also a deep-dish pizza. If you’re craving a slice with substance, look no further than this cheesy, thick-crust concoction. Chicago Deep Dish doesn’t skimp out or cut any corners with their pizzas, which are served up in an unconventional square shape. They round their eccentricity out with single slices though, which only come in three simple, classic varieties for the traditionalist in you: pepperoni and bacon, ham and pineapple and vegetarian. Dig in!


10196 109 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1M7

It doesn’t exactly dish out single slice pizza, but it is an individual-sized pizza bar. LovePizza is a place for the adventurous. Swing by this urban-style diner and pick out a Signature Pizza or put together your own along the Subway-like assembly line, where the ingredients are endless! This place has white or brown crust; multiple sauces, like spicy tomato, roasted garlic spread and basil and spinach pesto; ricotta and goat cheese; roasted corn, pickled red onion, caramelized onions, back bacon and Spolumbo’s Italian Sausage, to name a few toppings. And, you can keep your little creation all to yourself.

Funky Pickle Pizza Company

10243 Jasper Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1X8

Known for their “by the slice” servings, Funky Pickle is an Edmonton pizza parlour favourite. As you might expect from a place that also does catering, Funky Pickle has a pretty extensive list of pizzas, including a Double Cheeseburger pizza (if you just can’t pick between two fast-food classics) as well as more intricate options that include toppings ranging from asiago and hot banana peppers to teriyaki chicken. Funky Pickle is also very herbivore friendly, featuring six vegetarian options and one vegan option.

Buster's Pizza

5954 153 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T5Y 2W1

Buster’s is Alberta born and bred – our own provincial pizza. Most notable here is the variety of sauces and cheeses to pick from for your pizza. On top of Signature Pizza Sauce, there’s also donair sauce, salsa, barbecue and creamy garlic ranch. And, if you want to get even more adventurous, try something with feta or mozzarella instead of the usual cheddar! This is a great place for pizza if you’re looking for something that’s not sloppy but is still packed with all the fixings.

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