Vancouver’s best dog-friendly patios

August 27th will find thousands of dog owners and their playful pooches coming out to Yaletown for this year's Pet-A-Palooza. But following all the excitement of the massive pet event, you and your lil’ buddy are going to need a place to cool off. Here are some of Vancouver's best dog-friendly patios and tie-up areas, where you can enjoy a drink or meal with your BFF close by. [Photo courtesy of iStock/ExumeImages]

Sea House Restaurant Ltd

1089 Marinaside Cres, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2Z4

In addition to serving cooling scoops of gelato and their scrumptious meatballs, Bella Gelateria's Yaletown location is a cozy place to park your pooch. You'll be covered by the awnings of the customer area, but the sidewalk side of the fence has some dog-exclusive umbrellas and water bowls set up on those especially sunny days. It's also a convenient stop, considering there's a Bosley’s next door, and the patio is just a quick jog from the off-leash section of Coopers’ Park.

Tap & Barrel

1 Athletes Way, Vancouver, BC V5Y 0B1

Just as sure as you'll find someone at Tap & Barrel sinking their teeth into a classic, white cheddar-topped burger, you're bound to find a couple cute mutts socializing in the Olympic Village eatery's ample tie-up area. Located just off the water, the meal time entertainment includes a good view of local rowing teams speedily stroking past Science World.

Roundhouse Arts & Recreation Centre

181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2W3

The open, wooden plank layout of the Roundhouse's outdoor Turntable Plaza is a perfect lounging spot for pets and owners alike. Trees and the impressive crane sculpture provide plenty of shade, while perimeter restaurants like Honjin Yaletown Sushi and Sciué Italian Bakery Caffé give you plenty of savoury snacking options once you find a bench.

The Boxcar

917 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2V8

Once the sun hits, the open area, picnic table-covered back lot of The Boxcar is instantly packed with friends – furry or otherwise. The laid-back Main Street drinkery is the perfect place to pair conversation with a local craft beer or on-tap Negroni, all while giving pets to your pup. Bonus points for the rotating DJ nights showcasing anything from minimalist house to Dad-rock, not to mention the occasional soundcheck coming from The Cobalt next door.

The Wicklow Pub

610 Stamp's Landng, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3Z1

Nestled along the False Creek Seawall, the Wicklow gives you one of the most idyllic city summer views. Out on the patio with some deep fried appies and a couple of cold beers, you can bask in the sun, the glow of the water and the nautical backdrop. That is, if you're not too caught up in some serious dog watching; the extended adjacent pet patio lets you keep a good eye on your pup.

LOCAL Public Eatery Kitsilano

2210 Cornwall Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 1B5

To be clear, the branding of Local Public Eatery's pet-friendly zone is a little off, considering they call it the "pooch pound." But what's in a name? The tie-up area at the Kits restaurant isn't a cutesy-titled lockdown for doggos, but rather an off-patio spot where servers will offer its on-leash clientele fresh bowls of water and probably a chin-scratch.

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