Heather Egger is an Edmonton writer. She's also an herb gardener, kitchen dancer and add-a-little-more-butter kind of cook. Under the midnight moon, when the house is quiet, Heather writes stories about local festivals, steam trains and vegetables as if they were people. Every summer Sunday, she chases her two muddy puddle-jumpers around the farm – in winter, they read books and eat lots of soup.
All these things call for a nice, cold drink: hot summer days, sitting round with friends, the end of a long work week, showers. If you know all about shower beers, read on for a generous list of Edmonton’s small batch distillers, brewers and wine-makers – tour the factories and perhaps taste a small sample or bring some home for tonight’s barbecue. [Image credit: iStock.com/Ivan Bajic]
Take a deep cleansing breath and focus your intention on getting these aching old bones back to your practice. Transform your life and body at one of these west end yoga studios.
Walk with me, fellow design geeks, to seek out Edmonton’s best architecture. We’ll explore shining glass pyramids nestled in the river valley and a 16th-century French castle perched high up on the banks. Let’s dip our toes in cool reflecting pools, follow the swerving metal curves of the art gallery and snap a pic under the perfect light of the city’s oldest marquee. [Image credit: iStock.com/wwing]
Say, classy lady, what are you doing this S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night? Cue up for a night of pool hall nostalgia, free your inner Freddie Mercury at karaoke or dig out that bowling shirt for a night on the lanes. Or, flashback to smashy-bashy roller derby, vintage arcade games, trivia night and board games – do it all and have a ball on one of these retro date nights in Edmonton.
Kids, before there was streaming, even before those silver plastic discs that played music, there were vinyl records. We old folks liked the big album art, lyric sheets and popping crackle sounds – and you can spend hours flipping through the racks in a record store; you never know what you might find. Here’s where find out what gatefolds and RPMs are – at a used record shop in Edmonton.
If you love to cook, but need a little new inspiration – try taking a trip to one of these neighbourhood groceries for tastes from around the world. This week, treat yourself to a Middle Eastern picnic, Sunday morning dim sum and authentic British teatime. Bon voyage!
Life in our northern town means we can play in ice and snow all winter long. Explore an ice castle, stroll through an ice sculpture garden, slide a zippy ice slide and skate on a trail through the snowy woods. Here are all of the best ways to be cool as ice in Edmonton right now.
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