Tami McVey is a full-time freelance writer living near Ottawa, with a love of exploring our great country. So far, Tami’s travels have allowed her to spend considerable time in Halifax, Montreal, Quebec City, Calgary, Victoria, and Vancouver seeking out cool places to eat, fun things to do and great places to shop. Her intent is to continue exploring Canadian cities and sharing her experiences through writing.
Enjoy a relaxing Japanese dinner over piping hot sake or a refreshing beer, all the while watching your personal chef slice, dice and cook up your food. Japanese restaurants are plentiful in Ottawa, and each offers a unique culinary experience. Indeed, the hardest part of Japanese dining in Ottawa is figuring out which restaurant you want to try first.
If you are a person that loves a great sandwich piled high with awesome fillings – and who isn’t – you could spend weeks trying to find the best place to get one since there are so many around Ottawa. Or, take the easy route and try one of the crazy good places in this list.
The West Coast is known for having some of the best Chinese food on this side of the world, and Victoria is no exception. From light and crispy wok delights to delicately steamed pork buns, the restaurants on this list will see you leaving with a pleasantly full stomach and, ideally, a snack for later.
When you're craving the incredible spices, fresh ingredients and heat of Indian food, Victoria has an solid selection to choose from. This list will help you navigate the choices and get you started on your spicy adventure.
No need to stash the kids or suffer through mystery meat from big chain restaurants when it comes to family-friendly fare in Halifax. Picture this: Laughing kids munching on their favourite foods while you enjoy a perfectly cooked steak or fresh seafood. This can be a dream come true at any of the establishments listed below.
From the backyard barbecue to street carts to gourmet restaurants, the lowly hot dog has come a long way. Victoria has a bit of everything to offer hot dog hunters, from the simplest of dogs to ones that are nearly too luxurious to handle. Enjoy!
With more than 300 bars and clubs around the city and a dazzling nightlife, Montreal is an exciting place with plenty to keep you busy. For those times when you want to add a little more refinement and elegance to your outing, visiting a wine bar and savouring their cheese is an excellent choice. [Image credit: iStock.com/Anna Pustynnikova]
Bowling has it all: shoes so ugly they’re beautiful, the competitive hurling of giant (or medium-sized) balls down polished wood lanes, as well as plenty of laughs and camaraderie. And don’t forget French fries, pickled eggs and the requisite cold drinks. These city lanes feature all the above, so call your friends and go bowling!
You know your friends and family members have only the best intentions when they offer moving assistance. However, accidents sometimes happen and your heirloom dishes or dining table might not arrive at your new home unscathed. Count on reliable moving companies rather than dealing with the hassle next time you move within Vancouver. [Photo credit: iStock.com/andresr]
Why go out for an okay, everyday kind of sandwich when you can live large and feast on some crazy ones? With hundreds of restaurants in Vancouver, it might be hard to pick out the perfect place to chow down, so choose a spot from this list and find your new favourite.
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