24/7: Round the clock restaurants in Vancouver

You’ve just arrived from the airport, it’s 2 am and you’re starving. Or the party’s over and you need some fuel in your belly before coveted sleep. Or you’re working on an impending morning deadline and food is the only thing that will keep you going. Look no further than these Vancouver restaurants, all open 24 hours a day and happy to cater to the night owls among us.

Calhoun's Bakery Cafe Ltd

3035 Broadway W, Vancouver, BC V6K 2G9

A friend to hungry, caffeine-addicted students everywhere, Calhoun’s along Kits’ charming West Broadway is open 24/7 ready to serve you a giant latte, baked mac and cheese or a slice of cake to accompany your late-night study session. Roomy yet cozy, the down-home space feels like your mom’s kitchen, with wooden tables and chairs, beamed ceilings and softly lit chandeliers. After an epic few hours of work, treat yourself to one of their local bottled beers.

The Naam Office

2724 4th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6K 1R1

A Vancouver institution since 1968, the Naam hasn’t changed much over the years. It’s still true to its hippy roots, serving hearty vegetarian fare in its tree-house-like café at all hours of the day and night. Breakfast — one of the best in Kitsilano — gets started at 6 am, but if you’re hankering for their famous fries with miso gravy in the middle of the night, you’re in luck, as they’re happy to indulge you whatever the hour. Their lunch and dinner menu is available at any time.

Breka Bakery & Cafe

6533 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5X 3T4

This hugely popular café and bakery gained a quick following among entrepreneurs, freelancers and students keeping odd hours. That it’s constantly open could be one reason, but their irresistible baked goods likely have much to do with it, too. From doughnuts to vegan bird’s nest cookies to savoury veggie and sausage rolls, you’ll find lots of treats to fuel your late-night work hours — and plenty of caffeinated drinks as well to help you along. They also make healthy fruit smoothies for something a bit more refreshing and energizing.

Lucy's Eastside Diner

2708 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3E8

If you live in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, you’ll want to make Lucy’s your final stop before you call it a night. After an evening partying with friends, your best bet for a pain-free morning is a hearty pre-bed breakfast, and here, Lucy’s has got your back. Think pulled pork eggs Benny, endless hashbrowns and washing it all down with a peanut butter milkshake. Not quite done your indulgence for the evening? Try one of their spiked shakes instead and keep the party going.

Duffin's Donuts

1391 41st Ave E, Vancouver, BC V5W 1R7

This classic East Van cantina is one of a kind. Open 24/7 and famous for, yes, their cheap doughnuts, they also serve all manner of grub whenever you need it. Fried chicken, tortas sandwiches, Vietnamese subs, even fresh fruit will keep you sated when it’s well past the dinner hour and you need food fast. The affordable prices, late hours and eclectic fare all make Duffin’s appealing to a wide range of clientele — this is some seriously good Vancouver people watching as well.

House Of Dosas

1391 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5V 3E3

One of the few restaurants in Vancouver showcasing the cuisine of Southern India, House of Dosas is a 24-hour gem at Kingsway and Knight serving the region’s famous dosas — large crepes filled with curry and accompanied by tangy chutney. Cheap, friendly and packed with long-time loyal patrons, this is an ideal spot for late-night eating that’s both healthy and convenient.

Pho Extreme Xe Lua Restaurant

457 Broadway W, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1R4

Pho is one of those dishes that is appropriate any time — no matter the season, time of day or your mood, the salty, savoury broth of this Vietnamese soup slicking rice noodles and providing a warm bath to meat, vegetables, herbs and lime is a welcome meal. At Pho Extreme near City Hall, this bowl of comfort is available throughout the day and night — substantial, filling and only setting you back $8. The atmosphere is nothing to write home about so consider take-out and enjoy your midnight meal on your couch in the company of bad late-night TV.

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