Edmonton restaurants serving exotic meats and unique dishes

For those who are tired of the same-old hamburger or chicken with your meal, there are plenty of interesting meats to choose from at restaurants around the city. Local meats like bison and elk can be satisfying or more exotic versions like alligator can pique the interest of your taste buds. [Image credit: iStock.com/nvelichko]


10643 123 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 1P3

RGE RD is a restaurant that serves unique options, including the bison sausage served with Saskatoon berry relish. The owners also serve meals on farms, which may sometimes include interesting meats, including bison. In the past, the restaurant hosted a wild game night where they served white tailed deer.

Homefire Grill

18210 100 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 2V2

Homefire Grill offers an Aboriginal influenced menu full of what they call “progressive Canadian cuisine.” You’ll find old favourites with interesting twists like the bison meatball pizza, the bison Philly dip, bison meatloaf and elk lasagna.

Three Boars Eatery

8424 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 1E2

This hip spot has an ever-evolving menu that changes almost daily. But you can always rely on finding dishes full of protein you might not find anywhere else. Past menus have included a beef heart Bolognese and a whole smoked quail.

Normand's Restaurant

11639 Jasper Ave Nw, Edmonton, AB T5K 0M9

This downtown restaurant has a special section of the menu titled ‘Wild Game Specialties’ including options such as roast duck, pheasant, bison and wild boar. It’s the ideal place for those searching for something beyond the usual cut of meat.

Matcha is a Japanese full leaf tea that’s crushed into a potent caffeine and vitamin rich powder. In recent years, matcha has become not only popular as a drink, but as a flavour enhancer in various foods. It’s got a bitter kick that can be amazing on its own, and when blended with something sweet, creates a memorable balance. [Image credit:i Stock.com/Jordanlye]
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