Vancouver’s close proximity to lake and ocean – and its many public pools – make the city an ideal destination for trying out watersports with your little ones as they grow. So grab the sunscreen, pack the water shoes and swim trunks, and encourage your kids to learn valuable skills in and out of the water at some of Vancouver’s top aquatic camps this summer. [Photo credit:]
Having a puppy is like having a toddler – times 10! Tame your wild puppy, and encourage him or her to develop good habits that will last a lifetime with the help of these top-notch trainers and puppy schools in Vancouver. Hurry, before you find another chewed-up shoe in your closet! [Photo credit: iStock/tderden]
Whether you're going on a trip, expanding your horizons or just want to understand what your overseas relatives are saying about you, language lessons can help. From English to Mandarin, German, Spanish, Japanese or Farsi, there is a world of languages being spoken in Vancouver and here's where you can go to get in on the conversation. [Photo credit: Futcher]
Pregnancy is an exciting and busy time. Between choosing a name, prepping the nursery and getting started on early college applications, it’s easy to forget that you're caring for two – and that you're one of those two. Take some time for yourself at a pre-natal fitness class. From yoga to aquafit, these Vancouver studios are tailored for moms-to-be. [Photo credit:]
Dinner and a movie always make for a fun night out, but when you're ready to shake up your routine and try something a bit less conventional, an adult workshop can be an exciting and rewarding treat. From chocolate-tasting and soap-making to exercising your funny bone with stand-up comedy or taking a scuba diving lesson, here are a few Vancouver activities that’ll arouse your senses and spice up your social life.
Cooking might seem like a challenge when you're busy with work, kids and other commitments, but it doesn't have to be hard (and it becomes a lot easier once you know the basics!). Check out the many classes in Vancouver to help you channel your inner Master Chef. [Photo © Yellow Pages / Pages Jaunes]
Always wanted to learn how to dance but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re an experienced dancer who’s looking for a skill refresher? Check out this list we’ve put together of studios in Vancouver where you can learn the right moves. [Photo courtesy of Yellow Pages]
Bored in Vancouver and need of a fun activity for the weekend? Rally your partner, friends or even sign up solo to learn something new. Vancouver offers a diverse range of workshops and classes that will keep you inspired! [Photo credit: iStock/s-eyerkaufer]
You don’t have to go abroad or into the wild to get up close and personal with animals. There are many places right here in Vancouver that will give you the opportunity to see, touch and in some cases even feed beautiful creatures from around here and all over the world.
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