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Businesses in Grimsby ON area


Progressive Physiotherapy

11 Industrial Dr, Grimsby, ON L3M 5H8

The Physiotherapy Edge

Businesses near Grimsby ON


Beamsville Physiotherapy


Yardley Kay


Natural Therapies


Vineland Physiotherapy

Businesses further from Grimsby ON


Battlefield Physiotherapy & Chiropractic


Brain Injury Community Re Entry


Accelerated Health & Wellness Centre

Battlefield Chiropractic & Physiotherapy

Foundations For Movement

Performance Physiotherapy

Peak Performance Physiotherapy

Medrehab Group Inc

Redhill Physio & Chiropractic

ProMotion Physiotherapy

Medi-Massage Inc

LifeMark Physiotherapy

LifeMark Physiotherapists

pt Health

Martindale Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic

Carbonara Orazio RMT

Duke Street Therapeutics

Lake Street Chiropractic

Advance Driver Training

Levy Memorial Sports Injuries Clinic

Niagara Family Therapy

Caitlin Pauls PT

Upper Ottawa Physiotherapy

Comprehensive Health Clinic

Fiorucci Chiropractic & Pedorthic Centre

Precision Physiotherapy

Functional Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic

Network Niagara

Niagara Peninsula Children's Centre

Brock Physio & Fitness

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Also serving Grimsby ON

Cruise Chiropractic & Assoc

Cruise Brian D
9 Livingston Ave, Grimsby, ON L3M 1K6

Physiotherapists in Grimsby ON

Getting mobility back into a fractured joint, learning how to walk again, coming up with an exercise program specific to your body’s capabilities; all situations where physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation is required. Our bodies being the complex mechanisms that they are require different types of physical rehabilitation. Your search for the right physiotherapists or physiotherapy clinic in Grimsby ON usually begins at the hospital after an accident or with the help of your family doctor.  

Tips to find physiotherapists in Grimsby ON

  • Referrals and reference check: Once your family doctor has established the type of physiotherapy you require, make sure that the physiotherapist you will be dealing with has completed an accredited physiotherapy program in your province or territory. A hospital can refer you directly to a physiotherapy centre where you can get familiar with the machines and services before starting a physical rehabilitation.
  • Listen to your body: Establish the type of physiotherapist that is right for you by comparing the hours of operation of the physiotherapy clinics on your list, their specialities (i.e. sports physiotherapy vs. general physiotherapy), the types of services they offer and, if applicable, their success rate. A good physiotherapist will devise a goal plan that you and your body can agree with. You should feel secure and comfortable with the physiotherapist’s proposed rehabilitation treatments. Don’t just go with it, listen to your gut.
  • Choosing the right physiotherapist: The best physiotherapist for your needs will be the one that has successfully dealt with similar situations as yours. Ask your potential physiotherapist for references from past patients to get a better idea of the kind of recovery you’ll expect. 
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