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When it comes to barbecue and burger restaurants, Haligonians are somewhat spoiled compared to the rest of the Maritime provinces. In addition to southern, slow-cooked fare such as ribs, brisket and pulled pork, Halifax features establishments that go above and beyond to create burgers using outstanding ingredients prepared with original recipes.
There’s lots about Ottawa that shines, but it’s the city’s restaurant scene that really stands out, thanks to its sheer variety of great places to eat. This includes a stellar selection of fish and chips restaurants, ranging from relaxed hangouts to award-winning establishments serving everything from classic English-style to Cajun-hot varieties.
Halifax loves painting the town red and winding down with a delicious snack before heading home with a full belly. As one of the biggest cities along the eastern coast of Canada, Halifax provides revellers with a terrific variety of night-owl eats, from gorgeous restaurants serving high-end fare to cheerful, casual eateries that exist only to satiate.
Soup is a versatile dish with countless variations that range from light and spicy to thick and creamy broths brimming with delicious ingredients. Halifax restaurants have plenty of fantastic options for soup, including classic French and seafood soups, as well as ramen and pho, giving you a chance to sample worldwide flavours.
Ottawa has a great barbecue scene that includes terrific establishments offering Southern barbecue, Texas barbecue, Korean barbecue and many other types of savoury goodness. Regardless of the flavor you seek, you'll be able to find a place in Ottawa that satiates your desire for smoky, spicy, carnivorous cuisine that melts in your mouth.
As the capital of Canada, Ottawa sees its fair share of international dignitaries and luminaries. As a result, the restaurant scene has flourished to cater to refined tastes. This has made Ottawa one of the best places to find a good steak, including upscale, internationally recognized establishments and casual eateries that grill brilliantly. Next time you’re craving a prime cut, give one of these restaurants a try.
With Halifax located along the Atlantic Ocean, many people assume the city specializes in seafood. However, Halifax's steak scene is surprisingly diverse, drawing inspiration from culinary traditions from around the world, including American, Canadian, Japanese and Australian cuts and dishes. Whether you like yours bloody or dead, take your meat craving to these steakhouses.
When you find yourself in the middle of a thriving pub culture such as Halifax’s, it's important to know chicken wing destinations that will offer you and your friends wings of the highest calibre. Thankfully, the eateries of Halifax provide you with a superb array of delicious options, ranging from sports pubs to fine dining rooms.
It's probably not a coincidence boxing champs Georges St. Pierre and Arturo "Thunder" Gatti fought out of Montreal, which boasts so many fantastic boxing studios. You might think boxing is intimidating, but you can attend a variety of gyms that cater to everyone, including beginners and those seeking a fun way to stay fit. [Image credit:]
One of the most dramatic ways to transform your home is to change up the way your interior and exterior spaces are illuminated. Harsh lighting from cheap fixtures can make even the most fantastic furniture and well-configured spaces look drab. Stop by these standout lighting stores to give your home a lovely new.
Most pubs don’t offer patrons a lot in the way of activities — simply sip your drink, munch snacks and keep half an eye on whatever game is playing on the establishment’s TVs. The following watering holes add fun, excitement and even mental stimulation to the pub equation with games that you and your friends can enjoy while savouring those cold pints and chicken wings.
Vancouver has a reputation as a healthy city with residents who enjoy a West Coast lifestyle of outdoor activities and nutritious food. Kitsilano in particular is an area that’s renowned for its fit locals who frequent the many juice bars and workout studios in the neighbourhood. Here’s where to sweat in style next time you find yourself near West 4th. [Photo credit:]
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