While Easter is often associated with chocolate and bunnies, there is another seasonal item that makes an appearance in almost everyone’s kitchen: hot cross buns. Whether you’re a purist who shuns chocolate chips or someone who welcomes change, there’s a hot cross bun out there for you.
Whether you’re an ex-pat feeling homesick, looking for a gift for a British pal or simply a fan of British chocolates and “sweeties,” you’ll find something you like in this roundup of Edmonton and area stores that carry imported goods from the U.K. [Image credit: iStock.com/arinahabich]
An Edmonton summer isn’t complete without a trip or two to a U-pick farm to stock up on fresh, locally-grown berries, apples and veggies. There’s something very satisfying (and delicious) about handpicking your own food while supporting local businesses. Happy picking! [Image credit: iStock.com/Joel Carillet]
All these things call for a nice, cold drink: hot summer days, sitting round with friends, the end of a long work week, showers. If you know all about shower beers, read on for a generous list of Edmonton’s small batch distillers, brewers and wine-makers – tour the factories and perhaps taste a small sample or bring some home for tonight’s barbecue. [Image credit: iStock.com/Ivan Bajic]
More and more, people want to know: Where is my food coming from? Farm-to-fork culture is about making more informed choices about what we’re consuming. In Edmonton, it’s becoming easier to interact with local producers and build something that’s been largely missing on the food scene for some time - an authentic relationship with those who have dedicated themselves to providing our communities with local, quality food.
Kombucha tea, a slightly bubbly fermented drink made with a green or black tea base, is a sweet but healthy alternative to pop. Makers claim it can aid in digestive health, plus it just tastes fantastic. Often made from organic, raw ingredients, kombucha teas have exploded in popularity in the past decade. These Edmonton shops carry a variety of brands, including some Canuck favourites.
Construction can’t stop these spots – they’re still open for business, despite the work on the 102 Avenue bridge downtown. Unfortunately, some of the other shops in the area have felt the strain that comes with a long past overdue construction project and have either closed or moved. Support these places in High Street to show them you want them to stick around for the long haul.
Although gluten-free products are making their way into mainstream grocery stores more often, there are a few markets in St. Albert that carry their own stock, some of which you can't find in the big box stores. From unique munchies to quality gluten-free meats, these specialty shops have you covered for gluten-free goods. [Image credit: iStock.com/Imagesbybarbara]
Your purchasing decisions affect more than your own bank account — they can impact those who produced the goods in the first place. By choosing fair trade items, you’re supporting a system that promotes improved trading conditions for producers. Better wages, along with improved social and environmental standards, make that chocolate taste all the sweeter.
When you’re preparing a Christmas feast, having the right tools is essential to getting your turkey and trimmings cooked just right. These Edmonton stores sell gadgets and appliances will speed up your prep and make your meal Martha Stewart-worthy.
Bacon is one of the most universally loved meat dishes in the world, the smell of which can summon housemates to the kitchen in an instant. But far from just a breakfast complement, bacon can be used in a variety of ways to make some unique and mouth-watering dishes. Here are just a few restaurants and stores in Edmonton serving up some of the best bacon dishes around.
If Aphrodite made love to a cocoa bean, their lovechild would be chocolate. Chocolate can range from generic to the nectar of the gods. These Edmonton chocolatiers offer up exquisite bites of chocolaty goodness that tend towards the latter end of the scale. [Photo of Sweet Lollapalooza Confections]
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