Your quest for Victoria's best nachos ends here

Nachos are considered by many to be the epitome of pub food; finding the perfect plate is a worthwhile quest. Lots of Victoria’s many secret and not-so-secret haunts serve chips with cheese, but only a few do it well enough to make this list.

Moon Under Water Brewpub

350 Bay St, Victoria, BC V8T 1P7

Enjoy your nachos with a craft beer at this pleasant pub. It offers sour beers, German lagers and a variety of other brews, all of which go very nicely with a big plate of nachos. The nachos are plentiful and tasty, though they’re meant to make you thirsty, of course.

The Local Bar & Grill

1205 Wharf St, Victoria, BC V8W 1T9

Want to feel like a local? Head to this seafood bar and order the nachos, which arrive smothered in melted cheese and toppings of your choice, such as jalapenos or olives. For those who like a little variety, sides of pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole are provided for dipping.

Spinnakers Brewpub & Guest House Restaurant

308 Catherine St, Victoria, BC V9A 3S8

The nacho plate at this restaurant is no ordinary pile of chips with a little cheese melted on top. Here, you get some of the most amazing nachos known to man, topped with pulled pork and cheese to create a mouth-watering appetizer that you won’t want to share with anyone.

Bedford Regency Hotel

1140 Government St, Victoria, BC V8W 1Y2

Tucked away in Bastion Square, this pub is in a historic part of town, but the nachos are anything but old. The delicious plate includes tri-coloured nacho chips topped with fresh green onions, tomatoes, jalapenos and black olives, along with three kinds of cheese. There’s also salsa and sour cream on the side.

Darcy's Pub

1127 Wharf St, Victoria, BC V8W 1T7

When it comes to the perfect plate of nachos, everyone has an opinion, but the one thing they can all agree on is the cheese. There must be plenty of cheese. Darcy’s Pub ensures that there's cheese to spare – and you can even ask for more. Add chicken or beef and turn your appetizer into a meal.

Ross Bay Pub

7-1516 Fairfield Rd, Victoria, BC V8S 1G1

Step into this old-fashioned pub for a tasty order of nachos. You get homemade tri-colour tortilla chips topped with two cheeses, tomatoes, green onion, jalapenos, olives and bell peppers. The kitchen includes a side of sour cream and salsa made from red peppers, and you can add pulled pork or chicken to make it even more filling.

Taco Justice League

1580 Cook St, Victoria, BC V8T 3N8

Nachos with a superhero theme are the name of the game at this food truck. While it moves around a bit, you’ll usually find the truck serving tacos and delicious Mexican food on Cook Street. Order the Nacho Libre plate to get a heaping helping of nachos, or, if you’re not that hungry, opt for a half order.

The Joint Pizzeria & Deli

1219 Wharf St, Victoria, BC V8W 1T9

It might seem strange to visit a pizzeria for nachos, but this place has some delicious nachos that are very reasonably priced and available in full or half portions. This spot also has vegan and gluten-free meal options on the menu, and you can choose Daiya cheese for the nachos if you're vegan.

Smuggler's Cove Pub

2581 Penrhyn St, Victoria, BC V8N 1G4

Whether you eat indoors or on the patio, the ambiance of this pub surrounds you. It’s a fun, peaceful place where the staff is friendly, and the nacho portions are massive. You’ll want to bring at least one friend with you to share or plan to have plenty of take-home leftovers. The chips are piled high with cheese, fresh peppers and lots of delicious vegetables.

The Monkey Tree Pub

4025 Borden St, Victoria, BC V8X 2E8

When it comes to pub food, The Monkey Tree Pub does it right. From wings and pizzas to salad and burgers, this place has something for every taste. And if it’s nachos you’re looking for, you’ll find the ever-popular Greek nachos to be a delicious way to snack through the evening.

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