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Ki Restaurant & Lounge
181 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5J 2T3
ki (n. pref. Japanese) pure; undiluted; raw Sushi, Sake, modern Japanese restaurant + bar in Downtown Toronto At Ki, chefs prepare dishes in both the open principal kitchen and at the sushi bar. Your server can guide your experience, offering sushi, cooked items, Saké and wine pairings, or simply answer any questions you have. Choose the modern Japanese experience that is right for you. the Sushi Bar The sushi bar provides great entertainment as you watch expert sushi chefs performing their magic. With twenty seats available, it is a dynamic and interactive place to enjoy not just sushi, but Ki's full menu offering. the Restaurant On either side of our cocktail bar are two raised dining areas surrounded by ponds looking out onto Bay Street, the heart of the Toronto Financial District. The lively ambiance of the bar is very much a part of the experience when you choose this part of the restaurant. For a quieter, more intimate setting, Ki has dining areas surrounding the sushi bar.
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