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By Bob Keelaghan

The Power of Positive Home Renovations

Christy and Jesse Switzer of I Know A Guy Renovations want their clients to know that home renovations should be a positive experience. Suitably, the husband and wife owners have plenty of combined experience. Jesse has gained years of expertise as a construction and home-renovations professional, while Christy possesses a great deal of know-how in implementing business processes that achieve desired goals for homeowners.

“Renovations can feel really unpredictable, but they don’t have to be that way,” says the genial Christy. “With proper systems and processes it can feel sane.” This means I Know A Guy Renovations works closely with homeowners every step of the way, from initial consultations through to estimates, design and reconstruction.

“We want to help people understand why they want this renovation," she summarizes. "In the end, they get what they want instead of an overblown or sideways version. We’re not going to let owners go down a road where their budget is gone and only half their renovation is done.”

It’s all about the people. They are our favourite part of the process. We’re in somebody’s home and around their family. So, we always think about how we can make this feel great all the time - Christy Switzer, co-owner
I Know A Guy Renovations can handle commercial and residential projects.
Though their specialty is kitchens, basements and bathrooms, Christy and Jesse can handle a wide range of projects including gutting and remodelling homes.

Rising to the Challenges

Renovation headaches typically happen when unforeseen problems arise. But I Know A Guy Renovation’s antidote is superior problem solving skills along with open and transparent consultation with clients to attain the best solutions. Christy says these problems can often be avoided with careful planning and preparation.

Christy and Jesse take on renovations others are reluctant to do. She recalls a job in which a family of five wanted their single but very large bathroom divided in two. Other contractors told them the job would be unrealistic. “We said, let’s get in there and take a look, get some drawings and see what’s possible,” says Christy with satisfaction. With some creativity and ingenuity, they made better use of the layout and floor space of this particular big bathroom. The result was one beautiful, contemporary ensuite bathroom for the parents and another full-sized one for the family's teenagers. Problem solved. Family happy.

I know A Guy Renovations carries out basement, bathroom and kitchen projects.
I Know a Guy renovated this basement, adding character and charm with reclaimed wooden doors.

A Wide Range of Services with a Smile

While I Know A Guy Renovations specializes in re-doing kitchens, basements and bathrooms, Christy says the scope of their work is far wider. They will go as far as gutting and remodelling a house if the client requests it.

The company offers a wide range of services, including repairs and upkeep, and they're backed by a network of trusted and like-minded contractors they work with. Hence, Christy explains that the company’s name has a double meaning. “Either I know a trusted guy who is going to work in your home, or if I don’t know the answer, I know someone who does.”

Christy and Jesse also take pride in their reputation as contractors who are friendly, respectful, good humoured and maintain a clean work site. “It’s all about the people," says Christy. "They are our favourite part of the process. We’re in somebody’s home and around their family. So, we always think about how we can make this feel great for them all the time.”

I Know A Guy Renovations specializes in kitchen and bathroom projects.
I Know A Guy Renovations specializes in kitchens (like this one) basements, and bathrooms, but no job is too large.
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