Plants get most of their nutrients from compost, which is simply decomposed organic material in the soil. After you have a compost heap set up, making compost at home costs you nothing. Here’s how to get started.
Once the soil warms in spring, you can sow what you want to grow by planting seeds directly in the ground. Here are nine seed-planting tips to help welcome the change of seasons!
Here are five basics of gardening if you want to grow your own alliums: onions, shallots, leeks, garlic and green onions.
Save yourself lots of time and money in the long-run by planning your garden carefully with these useful tips.
Growing the perfect garden is no easy task. Here are the best tips and tricks to help you get beautiful blooms next spring and every year to come, even if you don't have a green thumb.
Each type of winter squash is a powerhouse of good nutrition, the kind that fights heart disease, cancer, depression and vision loss due to macular degeneration. Here is a guide to the different varieties of winter squash.
Rain can do a lot more than ruin parades or set the mood for romantic movie scenes. From reducing your water bill to making your lawn the envy of the neighbourhood, the collection and redistribution of rainwater is an economical and eco-friendly prac
Whether you're working with hardy annuals, short-lived perennials or true biennials, starting flowers in late summer to bloom the following spring often seems like a form of green magic.
Your gardening toolkit need not be extensive, but it should contain a few basic items for working the soil and for moving materials from one location to another. Here is a rundown of the essentials that should be in your shed.
Raking leaves is an inevitable fall ritual; it's also an opportunity to harvest mulch and soil amendments for your garden. Here are some tips for getting rid of leaves and how you can put them to use in the garden.
Excessive heat from unrelieved sun exposure can be devastating to plants. Here are some tips for dealing with heat and exposure.
Autumn signals the start of the garden's slow saunter towards winter. For some plants, this is their time to shine. Here's a guide to plants that look beautiful in the Fall:
These romantic, abundant flowering vines look delicate but have many tough varieties that last well into fall. These tips will help you understand and care for your garden Clematis.
These romantic, abundant blossoms are some of most beautiful vine flowers so it’s no wonder you’re thinking of adding them to your yard. These tips will help you grow a thriving Clematis vine in no time!
If you have a child in your life who's interested in growing plants, make a space in the garden for him or her to explore the wonder of helping things grow.
Weeds are the bane of any gardener, so it's important to get ahead of them. Whether you're tending to a giant flower bed or simply adding some colour to your patio with planters, here are three tips to help you out.
With so many plants to choose from, finding the best new plants for your garden can be a challenge. Instead of using the trial-and-error method, use these strategies to become a smart plant shopper.
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