10 easy steps to learning classic solitaire

July 28, 2015

A game of Solitaire or Patience requires concentration and strategy. It’s easy to learn and a great way to pleasantly pass time in your own company. These easy steps take you through the process of learning how to play Solitaire.

10 easy steps to learning classic solitaire

How to Play Solitaire

Solitaire, as its name suggests, is a game for one player and an imaginary opponent. Your aim is to build up four full suits of cards, from ace to king. Your success depends on key cards becoming exposed during the course of play.

To start, deal out a pack of cards to form a diagonal tableau. You need to lay out seven columns of cards. There’s one card in the far left column and one more in each subsequent column so that, by the end of the layout in the far right column, there are seven cards.

All the cards should be face down except for the top one in each of the seven columns.

The Ace of each suit is known as a “foundation card”.

  • Study the tableau. If there's an ace showing put it aside as a "foundation card" and turn up the card immediately underneath it.
  • Move exposed cards onto other columns if you can in the following way: red on black and black on red in descending rank or value.
  • Turn up any face-down card you uncover at the foot of a column. Sequences of cards in the tableau can be moved from column to column according to the same rules.
  • If you empty a column you can start a new one by moving a king, or a sequence beginning with a king into the space.
  • Whenever possible, move cards onto the foundation cards sequentially within suits from ace to king.
  • If you can't move any of the exposed cards, take three cards from the "stock". These are the cards left in your hands. Fan them face up on the table.
  • If the top card and those under it can be added to the tableau or foundation piles, do so. Then turn another three cards face up on top of these and continue in this fashion.
  • When you've worked through the stock, turn the pack over and go through as before.
  • You win if you get four full suits of cards.

Solitaire Made Easy

Solitaire is a game of patience and observation and a great way to both relax and focus your mind. It’s easy to learn and all you need is a deck of cards and space to lay them out for hours of fun.

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