The black elder is a small and highly resistant tree with a branched trunk, fragile branches and compound leaves that are dark green and foul-smelling. Here is a more detailed portrait of this intriguing plant and how to grow it.
Myrtle might be a dainty and lovely accoutrement flower, but its uses are versatile in cooking as well. Here's what else you need to know.
Thinking about growing a hedge for a property border? Here's step-by-step instructions that you can follow to grow beautiful a single- or double-row hedge.
With richly gorgeous leaves during spring summer and fall, and little red flowers in the winter, the parrotia tree is an easy way to brighten up any yard. And with its incredibly simple maintenance, owning one has never been easier.
After the drudgery of a long winter season, perk up your spirits with a gorgeous azalea shrub. They're bursting with colour and are really easy to maintain.
Caring for a Japanese snowbell tree can be simple and easy. It's graceful and sturdy and can be grown in a variety of climates.
You can extend the effective zone range of some shrubs by sheltering them over the winter from extreme cold, especially from freezing winds, which do the most damage. Read on to learn more about protecting your shrubs from the elements
The apple is one of the most widely grown fruits. Here are some expert tips to help you grow apple trees in your outdoor space.
The first step in pest control is choosing disease-resistant plants. Here are some tactics for when infection strikes, from killing aphids to stopping common fungus.
Even a small garden has room for fruit — not only bushes, canes, and vines, but also fruit trees. These may be dwarf forms on a restricted rootstock, or full-sized trees grown in place of shade trees. Here's everything you need to know about growing
Growing broad-leaved evergreen trees requires a keen gardening eye and some knowledge of what to expect. Here's some stats and tips on growing four of these trees, and how to help them stay healthy.
Redbuds are beautiful trees that flower early in the spring and look great all season long. If you want a healthy and beautiful redbud in your garden, follow these steps.
Although the blooms last less than a month, witch hazel flowers inspire winter-weary gardens and the gardeners who keep them. Here's how to make them part of your garden.
Spirea is a versatile and hardy plant that can enhance the look of any garden. Here are some expert tips on getting the most from your spirea plants.
It's the beauty of mahonia's large, blue-green, hollylike leaves that makes this shrub so useful in the landscape. These are some tips on how to incorporate it into your garden.
A highly desirable landscape tree, river birch is famous for its ridged, ruddy brown bark that peels, revealing shaggy, salmon flakes.
Viburnums are beautiful shrubs that can add aesthetic appeal to your garden, borders, and boundaries. But which variety do you choose? We'll cover 5 common types of viburnum so that you can pick the right one for you.
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