Workshop and garage chores can be quicker and easier to manage if you keep the area organized. Here's some ways you can keep everything easily accessible.
Ladders can help make some tricky jobs much easier. Here are seven tips to help you use them safely and sensibly so you can avoid accidents.
A woman's toolbox can be a valuable asset to any household. Stocking this important resource with all the right gear can help you be better prepared for life's little surprises, big or small. Here's a list of tools and supplies for the around-the-hou
When you're out to buy a new appliance or power tool, it's only natural to make your local home superstore your first stop. But purchasing a complex mechanical device is not the same as picking up a new faucet or some paint or wallpaper — and you may
Some people can fix anything. You may or may not be one of them. But if you follow fix-it pros around, you will quickly learn that efficiency is one of their key traits. They don't waste their energy — and they don't lug around more tools and equipme
If you live near farmland, you may think that the tilling tools and machinery you see are all modern inventions. Nothing could be further from the truth. This quick history explains the fascinating origin of these pieces of equipment.
Homeowners shy away from doing their own household repairs because they either don't know what tool they need or they don't want to buy it. Trust the right tool to save you money.
Many common problems can be fixed in minutes without any conventional tools. The solution might already be waiting in your storage closet, bathroom cabinet or even your fruit bowl. These tools are magic because they are invisible until you know what
The coil pot is one of the simplest and most recognizable forms of pottery. Try your hand at this fun project. Here's how.
Make the job of cutting wood easier by using a chainsaw. Be careful, though: it's a dangerous piece of equipment that must be handled with care and, even then, only if you've received adequate training in how to use it.
Here are some quick tips to keep your tools around for longer. Avoid misuse, which can lead to their demise.
Sawing is a great skill to have, especially if you're looking to complete a DIY renovation or carpentry project. Here are some simple tips to help you perfect your sawing technique.
Don't let tools intimidate you! Here are some simple tips to help you use a drill, a staple gun and a hammer like a pro.
Keeping sharp knives and tools in your arsenal is an essential requirement to making work around your home easier. Whether it's a kitchen knife or your favourite wood chisel, keeping your tools sharp makes working on projects effortless and helps pre
You can do many maintenance and repair tasks yourself, if you buy a small arsenal of tools and equipment. These tips will help you get the job done yourself and save money in the process.
Tools with wooden handles can be renewed and repaired — so don't be quick to throw them out if that's the problem. Repairing or replacing the handles should have your tools working like new.
Today's electric drills, circular saws, sanders and other power tools have more features and power than the ones your dad had — but if you want them to last as long as his, pay attention to proper use and maintenance.
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