Teenagers are constantly redefining their idea of what's cool, so entertaining them is no easy feat. But believe it or not, games they'll enjoy do exist.
Educational games can be both fun and helpful for development. Discover popular options, old and new, for your child.
Have them put down the video games for a second. The classic toys you enjoyed in your youth are still a big hit with kids.
It's not that you're frugal, it's just that most kids judge toys on how much fun they deliver, not the price. Here's how to be a hero at minimal expense.
When shopping for toys, always pay attention to quality. You’ll save money by selecting toys that are well-designed, fun, sturdy, durable and recyclable.
It may surprise you to learn that even today, plain old construction toys still appeal to kids. However, they do need to match a child’s age and development.
There’s no shortage of infant development toys on the market, but are they really necessary? Discover whether it's worth going beyond the classics.
When we hear the phrase "interactive toy", we immediately think of gaming and electronics. In reality, it’s a whole lot simpler than that. Any toy can be interactive in different ways and oftentimes without batteries, buttons or blinking lights. Here
Outdoor play helps kids develop perception, motor skills and even social skills. Discover fun toy ideas to help them get the most of fresh-air playtime.
With just a few simple beach toys, your little ones can enjoy a beach day they won’t soon forget. Discover some easy ideas you can quickly find.
If you enjoy challenges, there are plenty of puzzles that allow both young and old to roll up their sleeves and dive in. Are you patient enough to finish?
Accidents can happen all too quickly. To prevent the worst—and avoidable—ones, here's everything a parent needs to know about toys and child safety.
These days, anyone can be an action figure: actors, athletes, political leaders, and so on. You can even get a customized action figure made to look like you.
Every child engages in role play with toys, which allows them to create a life-like fantasy world and simulate grown-up life. Here's why that's so important.
The subject of violence in video games and toys is controversial for many parents. Here are some theories to consider before you make your next purchase.
Prevent your plush toys from turning into germ incubators by taking good care of them. Check out these washing tips for little Elmo or Teddy.
People with ADHD tend to enjoy video games, but there's scant evidence that the games cause or contribute to the condition. Here's why.
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