Healthy gardens are supported with regular applications of compost, and both brown and green types of waste are necessary to create compost. By using the right balance in the compost bin, you should be able to avoid problems. Here's how to get starte
You may believe that living in a small space precludes you from doing your bit for the environment, but it is possible to have a compost bin in an apartment.
Whether you're looking for a fun outdoor activity or want to try your hand at harvesting natural foods, berry picking is an ideal outing for the entire family. It's also as simple, as long as you follow two essential rules: always know what you're pi
Composting is a relatively easy way to supplement garden soil using organic materials you might throw away. Before these handy ingredients are ready to feed hungry tomato plants or rose bushes, they need to be deconstructed with a little help from na
Layering materials in a compost pile can speed up the decomposition process so you can enjoy your free fertilizer much sooner.
Most people dream of having a skill that would come in handy if they had to fend for themselves. Strangely enough, something as simple as picking wild berries can be one of these skills. When you do decide to go pick wild berries, these tips will ens
Including more organic food in your daily routine doesn't have to break the bank. A few small changes can make a big difference in your health as well as your wallet.
Compost tea is a great way to spread out your compost so it can reach more of the soil surface. Read on for an overview of the hows and whys of making healthy compost tea.
Kids can benefit from learning about composting; read below to get started teaching them how to compost.
In places without a lot of water for gardens, xeriscaping offers an alternative. You can successfully garden with plants that survive and thrive without water with these tips.
North Americans spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on bags and truckloads of dirt and soil mixes each spring. You can get all the benefits of these pricey products plus expensive fertilizers by making your own compost.
You recycle, you reuse, but do you compost? Even apartment dwellers and those with small yards can make the most of kitchen scraps by composting indoors. Best of all, composting indoors involves no odour or mess.
It's important to manage the quality and maturity of your compost pile. When your compost is mature, you can use it to increase positive soil flora and prevent soil erosion. Learn how to add top-dressing to your garden and reap the benefits.
Not only has the way vegetables are grown undergone major changes; so has the way vegetables are sold. The supermarket is no longer your main option.Today, country and city dwellers alike can enjoy, in an unprecedented way, the benefits of truly fres
Animal manures, vermicompost, chicken manure and seaweed are all good earth-wise fertilizers. Plus, they're all either cheap or free. Here's how to get the most from your organic fertilizers.
The easiest route to a constant supply of organic matter is to make your own compost. It's a simple and effective way of keeping your soil fertile and you probably have all the ingredients right at hand.
While there are plenty of toxic chemical controls for garden pests, the vast majority of problems can be corrected with inexpensive organic solutions. The next time your plants are being pestered, try one of these five non-toxic sprays.
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