A great invitation to travel thanks to the museums of the world, which are opening their doors to let you to discover all or part of their exhibitions.
A selection of films to watch for successful family TV nights!
If sledding seems like it's only for children, think again. This favourite winter pastime offers plenty of benefits for the young and young-at-heart alike! Hoping to be more active this winter? Here are four great reasons why sledding should be part
For many people, back to school signifies the end of summer. And while some view fall with a certain melancholy, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy this cool, crisp season of change. Here are five great outdoor activities to help celebrate this inv
If you want to go berry picking with your kids, follow these simple tips to make the experience as stress-free, fun and safe as possible.
Between office jobs, school and other commitments, most of us seem to spend way too much time indoors. The solution? Think "outside" when planning your day or activities. Here are eight ways to get everyone outdoors for some open-air fun the next tim
The kids are grumbling there's nothing to do, but your budget can't handle a pricey trip to the local theme park. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives. Why not consider one of these four fun and affordable family activities?
You have a wonderful opportunity to get some fun, high-quality exercise by playing with children; here's how to fuse fun and fitness for the whole family.
Getting the family off the sofa, away from their gadgets, and into the fresh air isn't as tough as it seems. Here are three fun activities to bring your family together outdoors.
Winter is coming, and so are opportunities to enjoy some good winter fun with the family. Here are seven ideas to get your engines running.
As parents, keeping up with the growing list of activities kids get involved in these days is a challenge. One you’ll want to know more about is Pokémon Go, a new mobile app that allows players to catch Pokémon in the real world and then train them f
The winter weather in Canada doesn't demand that you keep your party indoors. Instead, find a good hill and host your own sledding party. It's an exciting way to enjoy the snow with family and friends. Before having a sledding party, though, make the
Hanging out with friends as an adult is important to living a well-balanced life, but that doesn't mean having to break the bank. Here are 5 fun, almost-free things you can do with your friends that cost next to nothing.
When you're snowed in, restlessness may seem inevitable. Fortunately, there are a few surefire ways to avoid the boredom bug and make the best of your snow day.
Gliding through a meadow while getting in a solid winter workout is what makes cross-country skiing ideal. Here are some ways to get your family interested.
Even though the worst part of the winter seems to be over, cold snaps could still hit, but there's no need to stay inside in fear of the cold; all it takes is some knowledge about how to dress for comfort.
When you have young kids at home and it’s bad weather, you have to think fast and you need to occupy them or they will get bored very quickly. Check out these fun activities to do with kids when they can’t run and play outside.
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