Canada has no shortage of great places to camp. But a few select spots take roughing it a step further, pampering guests with a variety of unique accommodation, lavish amenities and natural activities. So go off-grid, pick up a paddle, mellow out wit
There’s never been a better time to head out of the city and spend a few nights sleeping under the stars. Whether you’re a car camper or backpacker, spending time among forests, lakes and mountains is the perfect post-lockdown getaway—and maybe the o
Planning a great Canadian camping adventure this summer? Whether you’re a backcountry backpacker or more the car-camping type, there’s no better way to connect with nature than a visit to one of Canada’s most beautiful campsites. From west to east, w
Want to keep your campsite raccoon-free? You’ll need luck to foil those clever critters and these three tips on how to outsmart these bold campground bandits.
A camping trip can represent the peak of summer fun – provided you’re prepared. Here are four ways to ensure your whole family enjoys the camping trip of a lifetime.
If you’ve never camped before, but you’re ready to leave the troubles of the world behind, here are some ways to make your experience nothing less than perfect.
Winter camping is not for the timid soul, but if you're adventurous and skilled in the ways of the wild, these four winter hot spots are ready and waiting. Remember that winter camping in Canada -- especially the back country option -- requires skill
The right gadgets can elevate your camping trip from primitive to totally amazing. Here are 10 you cannot leave home without.
Just because you're out in the wild doesn't mean you can't enjoy some creature comforts. To take a little piece of home with you on your next great escape, keep these tips in mind.
Got all the right camping gear you need to get the most out of this year’s long Canada Day weekend? Here's an equipment checklist to help ensure you don’t forget a thing!
Camping is about simple, tasty and easy-to-make recipes that will have your family asking for seconds. Here's some inspiration for your next camping trip.
A few of the very best classic rock songs to sing around the campfire.
Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or to keep warm while camping, it's important to construct your fire safely and sensibly. Here's how:
Fishing and “geocaching” are just a couple of the super fun activities the whole family can enjoy on your next camping trip. Read on for more tips on camping activities everyone will enjoy.
Don’t like snakes? Then don’t camp where they could get into your campsite. But if you must, here are five surefire tricks to help keep your campsite snake-free.
Spotting a bear faraway while camping is a fun photo op. Up close, it's a different story. Here’s how to camp in bear country and reduce the risk of encountering one.
Insects are the bane of campers almost everywhere. Here are some proven tips that every camper must know to keep bugs from bugging you in your tent.
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