Bed and Breakfasts have accumulated many stereotypes. People sometimes envision a dusty old home full of doilies and a communal table where all guests partake in meals. But the truth is there is a dizzying array of beautiful and unique B&Bs acros
The only time you'll need heavy clothing for these top sun destinations is when you head for your local airport. Otherwise, a T-shirt, pair of shorts and sandals are all you need as you take advantage of the fabulous, year-round weather.
Forget about the notion of museums full of dusty antiques and dilapidated caveman dioramas. Canada’s major museums are full of compelling collections housed in buildings that boast world-class architecture and interactive exhibits – displays that edu
When it comes to vacation, your choice will depend on your interests: sunbathing or cycling, city or country? To help you decide here are some fun summer destinations.
Weekend getaways are best when you don't have to waste time on a long flight or going through customs, and that's why planning a trip in Canada is ideal.
Canada has many diverse and unique cultural attractions that showcase our national identity. Here are some must-visit cultural highlights across the country.
There are lots of ways Canadians like to spend the winter. Some of us like to soak up the sun on a faraway beach, and others are just as happy playing in the snow. Here are four inspiring ideas for winter travel destinations—that you probably never c
When you buy a timeshare, you are essentially purchasing the right to use a property during a specific period. If you are thinking about becoming an owner, consider these factors before making the decision to purchase a timeshare.
These top three countries offer retirees great weather, a vibrant culture and a substantially cheaper cost of living in comparison to many other places in the world. Once the retirement checks start rolling in, there is no need to hang around during
Some cities are known for being better for a romantic getaway than others. Here are some of the most romantic cities in the world to celebrate Valentine's Day.
When looking for somewhere new to snowmobile, think beyond local: for unmatched beauty here are three must-see destinations every snowmobiler should consider.
Finding a vacation destination the whole family will enjoy can be tricky. Here are some tips to choosing the perfect destination that everyone will like.
Canada has a rich sports history and sports vacations offer an outstanding way to combine a holiday with a favourite activity.
Luxury vacations should be about more than just gourmet food and excellent service, they should take you to places of beauty and adventure, too.
Looking for a peaceful way to enjoy all a foreign city has to offer? Here are some of the most incredible train rides with scenic views you won't want to miss.
You may not know it but Canada is home to some of the most breathtakingly romantic getaways in the world. Find out where to plan your next holiday if you're looking for idyllic destinations for couples.
Adult-only travel exists because vacations are supposed to be a time to relax, but screaming toddlers and partying teens can make that difficult. Whether you're unsure what "adult-only" means or haven't heard of the travel concept at all, here is wha
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