Love salads but looking for some fresh, new options? Here are two recipes for a romaine lettuce salad with chunky tomato vinaigrette and a carrot-almond salad with raspberry vinaigrette that are sure to become your favourites!
Tired of predictable and flavourless salads? Check out this incredible recipe for a delicious carrot, apple and beet salad that's unlike anything you've ever tasted before!
Looking for the nutritional benefits of salads, but tired of the same old leafy lettuce and dressing? Why not switch things up for your next dinner party or even at lunchtime by trying one of these recipes for salads without greens. They're both summ
This chicken salad is anything but ordinary. Chicory, frisée and green cabbage tossed with a white wine–tarragon vinaigrette make a lively bed for chicken coated in cornflakes and sesame seeds. Chili powder adds a bit of kick.
Salads don’t have to be mostly greens and these three salads certainly are not. They are, however, hearty enough to be served as a main course, with ingredients like walnuts, beans and tuna plus plenty of protein and healthy fats.
Vitamin C is important for healthy bones and skin, and few foods give you more of that vital nutrient than citrus fruit. Here is a tasty recipe that will help you enjoy all the health benefits.
Barley is one of the unsung heroes of the grain world while cranberries and orange make this salad sing.
In all its forms, from tender garden-fresh green beans to robust dried kidney beans, the humble bean soaks up flavours while contributing a generous helping of fibre for digestive health and enriching the blood with iron. Beans fill you up but are lo
This family-style salad is packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre. If you're looking for a blood-pressure friendly meal option, give this recipe a try.
Here's a tasty vegetable combination that will help keep your heart healthy.
With its wonderfully contrasting tastes and textures, this salad makes a satisfying main course that is luxurious without containing a lot of saturated fat. It is the perfect recipe for roast turkey leftovers.
For an elegant, flavour-drenched, warm salad, take nutty new potatoes and high-fibre lima beans, drizzle them with a herby vinaigrette, then serve on salad greens. Part of the legume family, lima beans are a good source of both soluble and insoluble
Here are two recipes for salads prepared with fresh herbs. Aromatic herbs give salads a unique and delicious taste, and they're healthy, too!
Slices of iron-rich rump steak top a mixture of vitamin-packed vegetables in this healthy spin on the delicious French classic. It's a wonderful alternative to the usual grilling fare that's sure delight family and friends alike.
A nutritional makeover updates this classic main-dish salad to include dark leafy greens, roasted peppers, lean chicken breast and creamy goat's cheese.
Think broccoli is boring? Think again. These two salad recipes make delicious use of this nutritious vegetable.
Canned tuna and cannellini beans team up to create delicious fish cakes. This recipe renders a crisp crust without using too much oil.
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