It’s official! You’re moving. Now you have to think about getting boxes—and lots of them. Here are some tips to help you out.
By beginning early, scheduling tasks and thinking ahead, you can take much of the stress out of a do-it-yourself move.
Despite the effort that goes into planning a move, it's easy to forget key details. To help, here are eight essential things to remember to do before moving.
The move to the country brings new benefits and challenges. With these must-haves, you'll be more ready for life away from the city.
The best time to move depends on your circumstances. But, there are still times of the year when you should avoid moving altogether. When are they and why?
Though most people move during the spring and summer months, they could be missing out on great deals during the house hunting off-season — and so could you.
Some people prepare for moving at the last minute. Others begin way ahead. Whatever your style, here's the ultimate to-do checklist to make moving day a breeze.
Some tasks are better done before the actual move — the spaces are still empty, making every part of the structure more accessible.
Pets are part of your family and will need care on moving day. How can you keep them calm? With these top tips for a successful, stress-free move with your pet.
Before you grab a single box, get your belongings insured. Even better, find out who is responsible—and to what extent—if your items are damaged during a move.
Never leave the details of a move to chance. The result could be a costly surprise. Here's why signing a moving contract protects both you and your wallet.
These five tips will allow you to seek out and find the best moving company to help in your relocation.
Moving isn't easy. To make it as simple as possible, here are the rules and regulations moving companies must follow – and that you should know before you hire a moving service.
Certain oversize, heavy or fragile items can't be moved by just anyone in any old way. What's the answer? Specialized moving companies: experts who can move almost anything.
Moving overseas without a hitch is all about the planning: at least two months worth. Still, hiccups happen. Here are 6 strategies to help make your overseas move a success.
Whether your move is just around the corner, or if you still time - hiring specialists takes the worry out of moving.
Although moving it makes you feel nervous, leaving it behind is unthinkable: here are the top 10 tips for safely transporting your wine cellar collection.
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